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Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.
— Gautama Buddha —

Hope is what one relies on when one has no control of one's fate. We, my dear, have nothing in common with those who rely on hope, Thaddeus proclaimed.

— Mayandree Michel

Disgust relies on moral obtuseness. It is possible to view another human being as a slimy slug or a piece of revolting trash only if one has never made a serious good-faith attempt to see the world through that person's eyes or to experience that person's feelings. Disgust imputes to the other a subhuman nature. How, by contrast, do we ever become able to see one another as human? Only through the exercise of imagination.

— Martha C. Nussbaum

The body fades. A leader who would last relies on more.

— N.K. Jemisin

Good household decision-making often relies on thinking about your household like a firm.

— Emily Oster

I studied a truckload of true crime, praying for illumination, but most true crime relies on luridness and voyeurism for effect.

— Poe Ballantine

Every human being relies on and is bounded by his knowledge and experience to live. This is what we call "reality". However, knowledge and experience are ambiguous, thus reality can become illusion. Is it not possible to think that, all human beings are living in their assumptions?

— Masashi Kishimoto

I love scoring. Putting music to picture is a rewarding challenge and one that relies on interpretation of emotion - as in, what is the pivotal feeling in a scene and which character's point of view is driving it at any given moment?

— Liz Phair

Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.

— Gautama Buddha

To say exactly what one means, even to one's own private satisfaction, is difficult. To say exactly what one means and to involve another person is harder still. Communication between you and me relies on assumptions, associations, commonalities and a kind of agreed shorthand, which no-one could precisely define but which everyone would admit exists. That is one reason why it is an effort to have a proper conversation in a foreign language. Even if I am quite fluent, even if I understand the dictionary definitions of words and phrases, I cannot rely on a shorthand with the other party, whose habit of mind is subtly different from my own. Nevertheless, all of us know of times when we have not been able to communicate in words a deep emotion and yet we know we have been understood. This can happen in the most foreign of foreign parts and it can happen in our own homes. It would seem that for most of us, most of the time, communication depends on more than words.

— Jeanette Winterson

If you have a business model that relies on customers being misinformed, you better start working on changing your business model.

— Jeff Bezos

O friendship! thou fond soother of the human breast, to thee we fly in every calamity; to thee the wretched seek for succor; on thee the care-tired son of misery fondly relies; from thy kind assistance the unfortunate always hopes relief, and may be sure of

— Oliver Goldsmith

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