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Relationship Ruin Quotes

You need to have a life. Have fun. Then ruin it by having a serious relationship
— Kyle —

Fine, if you see no reason to worry about bisonbecks who do the bidding of Risto'
he sat down on a log and pulled out his lunch
'or mordakleeps who team up with anything nasty and currently have a wonderful working relationship with that same evil wizard Risto, then why should I worry? Why should we warn Kale?'
Leetu's scowl turned darker.
Dar lifted his sandwich to his mouth, but had one more thing to say before he bit into it. 'Actually, I agree with you. Worrying now over an encounter that might occur later would only ruin our digestion.

— Donita K. Paul

Common men make a distinction between gods and demons, Poltar, but it's ignorance to talk that way. When the powers do our will, we worship them as gods; when they thwart and frustrate us, we hate and fear them as demons. They are the same creatures, the same twisted unhuman things. The shaman's path is negotiation, nothing more. We tend the relationship with the powers so they bring us more benefit than ruin. We can do no more.

— Richard K. Morgan

You want a happy romantic relationship? Don't ruin it by getting married.

— Meg Cabot

The roots of interpersonal conflict are often an excessive concern for oneself, and an inability to pay attention to the needs of others. It is sad to see how often people ruin a relationship because they refuse to recognize that they could serve their own interests best by helping others achieve theirs.

— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

You need to have a life. Have fun. Then ruin it by having a serious relationship

— Kyle

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