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Rapidity Quotes

E have become wealthy, and wealth is the prelude to art. In every country where centuries of physical effort have accumulated the means for luxury and leisure, culture has followed as naturally as vegetation grows in a rich and watered soil. To have become wealthy was the first necessity; a people too must live before it can philosophize. No doubt we have grown faster than nations usually have grown; and the disorder of our souls is due to the rapidity of our development. We are like youths disturbed and unbalanced, for a time, by the sudden growth and experiences of puberty. But soon our maturity will come; our minds will catch up with our bodies, our culture with our possessions. Perhaps there are greater souls than Shakespeares, and greater minds than Platos, waiting to be born. When we have learned to reverence liberty as well as wealth, we too shall have our Renaissance.
— Will Durant —

Contemporary novels can have a fleeting existence within the current multiplication of medias and the technological rapidity with which art is delivered and consumed. A cultural lacuna has opened, one that needs arresting.

— Tom Cardamone

The children are taught more of the meanest state in Europe than of the country they are born and bred in, despite the singularity of its characteristics, the interest of its history, the rapidity of its advance, and the stupendous promise of its future.

— Henry Lawson

Telegraphs are machines for conveying information over extensive lines with great rapidity.

— Charles Babbage

She was in that highly-wrought state when the reasoning powers act with great rapidity: the state a man is in before a battle or a struggle, in danger, and at the decisive moments of life - those moments when a man shows once and for all what he is worth, that his past was not lived in vain but was a preparation for these moments.

— Leo Tolstoy

As someone who has shot in most disciplines, I can tell the House that when one is lying on ones stomach in Bisley with a sling round ones arm to hold the rifle steady, it is hard enough to hit the target on the right spot even when it is obligingly staying still. Foxes do not stay still. They move with remarkable rapidity.

— Richard Page

A young person, to achieve, must first get out of his mind any notion either of the ease or rapidity of success. Nothing ever just happens in this world.

— Edward Bok

It is rarely [Americans] dine in society, except in taverns and boarding-houses. Then they eat with the greatest possible rapidity, and in total silence ...

— Frances Trollope

Before this century shall run out, journalism will be the whole press. Mankind will write their book day by day, hour by hour, page by page. Thought will spread abroad with the rapidity of light
instantly conceived, instantly written, instantly understood at the extremities of the earth.

— Alphonse De Lamartine

In all history, there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. Only one who knows the disastrous effects of a long war can realize the supreme importance of rapidity in bringing it to a close.

— Sun Tzu

Avoid the eye that discovers with rapidity the bad, and is slow to see the good.

— Johann Kaspar Lavater

Life is measured by the rapidity of change, the succession of influences that modify the being.

— George Eliot

CIVILISATION is not to be judged by the rapidity of communication, but by the value of what is communicated.

— Gilbert K. Chesterton

An almost unnatural vigilance is really required of the citizen because of the horrible rapidity with which human institutions grow old.

— Gilbert K. Chesterton

Order is ... the true key to rapidity of reaction.

— Maria Montessori

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