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Quotes About You Are Mine

Youre exquisite. Youre transcendent. And you are mine.
— A.G. Howard —

You are mine, and Heaven itself cannot rescue you from my power.

— Matthew Gregory Lewis

This is how you will remember that you are mine. Every painful touch, every
aching hug, will remind you - that you are a slave - to me.

— Prashant Chopra

Shifters mate for life. We have one true mate and when we meet, we know immediately. By scent. Instinct. You are mine.

— Tamara Hoffa

You are mine. You are always going to be mine. It doesn't matter what came before, the only thing that matters is what is now and going forward. There will never be anyone else for you. Only me. Me.

— Thea Harrison

And she held out a pretty gold ring. 'Put it,' she said, 'on the fourth finger of my left hand, and I am yours and you are mine; and we shall leave Earth and make our own Heaven yonder.'

— Charlotte Brontë

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid of anything. Whatever you have been, you are mine now. I can hold you.

— Peter S. Beagle

You are my little girl. I love you so much. I would do anything for you. You are mine. Do you understand, Natalee? You are my flesh and blood and there is nothing on this Earth that is more important to me.

— Rachel Van Dyken

You are mine, Merit.

— Chloe Neill

And you'll go to bed knowing you are mine and that you belong, heart and soul, to me.

— Maya Banks

You're exquisite. You're transcendent. And you are mine.

— A.G. Howard

You try to be faithful
And sometimes you're cruel.
You are mine. Then, you leave.
Without you, I can't cope.
And when you take the lead,
I become your footstep.
Your absence leaves a void.
Without you, I can't cope.
You have disturbed my sleep,
You have wrecked my image.
You have set me apart.
Without you, I can't cope.

— Rumi

I love you. You are mine. In my heart, I knew that from the beginning. You are my beloved, Tavia, my only one.

— Lara Adrian

It's only fair to warn you that you sealed your fate tonight. When you knew you were in trouble, you came to me. That makes twice, Mercy, and twice is almost as good as a declaration. You are mine now ... Ben says you might run. If you do, I will find you and bring you back. Every time you run, Mercy. I won't force you, but.. No more excuses, Mercy. You are mine, and I am keeping you.

— Patricia Briggs

I do not come into this pulpit hoping that perhaps somebody will of his own free will return to Christ. My hope lies in another quarter. I hope that my Master will lay hold of some of them and say, "You are mine, and you shall be mine. I claim you for myself." My hope arises from the freeness of grace, and not from the freedom of the will.

— Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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