Quotes About Wrapping It Up

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Quotes About Wrapping It Up

Im sorry. I told you Im not good with words." Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pressed my lips to his and spoke against them, "You are perfect, Lev. Your words are honest and colored beautifully. You make me feel things I thought were lost to me. And Im in danger of losing my heart to you.
— Belle Aurora —

We lay that way for a while, breathing together, watching the shadows flicker over the walls and each other's faces. She played with a wet strand of my hair, wrapping it around her finger. It should have been awkward, but somehow it wasn't. I felt something moving between us, like light or heat, growing with every breath.

— Selena Kitt

She sat with that chewed-in yet absentminded smile on her face as if she'd been given a present she knew she would like, even if she hadn't got the wrapping off it yet.

— Alice Munro

I tried desperately not to think about her eyes, about the way they lit up when she saw me. Or her hands, the way she waved them in the air as she talked, as if she thought she could pull words out of the sky with her fingers. And her arms, wrapping around me like my own house, because she was the place where I was from.

— Kami Garcia

A hand landed on Cress's head. She
gasped and recoiled, but Thorne was
already wrapping his arm around her
shoulders and squeezing her against him.
"Just checking it was you," he whispered.

— Marissa Meyer

It was a lie and I detected it at once. As an accomplished fibber myself, I spotted the telltale signs of an untruth before they were halfway out of his mouth: the excessive detail, the offhand delivery, and the wrapping-up of it all in casual chitchat.

— Alan Bradley

When we unwrap presents, I tend to sit there with a bin liner trying to collect up the wrapping paper and thinking about which pieces I can reuse and which I will recycle.

— Jade Jagger

His smoke eyes lighten as she closes the gap between them, and he slowly seals it wrapping his arms about her.

— Solange Nicole

The scary thing is that sometimes you are wrapping up animation on a sequence and you don't know how the movie ends or begins. You just have to bluff and move forward.

— Dan Scanlon

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