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Quotes About Who Matters

It can be hard to say important things to the person in our life who matters the most.
— Suzanne Woods Fisher —

There comes a point in your life when you realize:
Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won't anymore,
And who always will.
So, don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

— Adam Lindsay Gordon

My feelings were hurt. Once I started I couldn't seem to let it go.
Be strange if the person who matters most in the whole world couldn't hurt your feelings, wouldn't it?

— Eileen Wilks

Be yourself and you will find, who minds doesn't matter and who matters won't mind.

— Rachel Simmons

My pawing over the ancients and semi-ancients has been one struggle to find out what has been done, once and for all, better than it can ever be done again, and to find out what remains for us to do, and plenty does remain, for if we still feel the same emotions as those who launched a thousand ships, it is quite certain that we came on these feelings differently, through different nuances, by different intellectual gradations. Each age has its own abounding gifts yet only some ages transmute them into matters of duration.

— Ezra Pound

Do not assume that order and stability are always good, in a society or in a universe. The old, the ossified, must always give way to new life and the birth of new things. Before the new things can be born the old must perish. This is a dangerous realization, because it tells us that we must eventually part with much of what is familiar to us. And that hurts. But that is part of the script of life. Unless we can psychologically accommodate change, we ourselves begin to die, inwardly. What I am saying is that objects, customs, habits, and ways of life must perish so that the authentic human being can live. And it is the authentic human being who matters most, the viable, elastic organism which can bounce back, absorb, and deal with the new.

— Philip K. Dick

Love is just such a crucial, wonderful thing, and if you are lucky enough to find somebody who genuinely loves you, grab that person and hold on to that person, and nothing else matters.

— Randall Kennedy

Stories are factual ... If a man and his story are in conflict it is the man who must change ... In America it is the man who matters not the story.

— Adam Johnson

Every lock has a key, and all keys have jagged edges and crooked sides. No one is perfect, but we're exactly perfect for the one person who matters.

— Dannika Dark

There are bullfighters who do it just for the money-they are worthless [said Hemingway]. The only one who matters is the bullfighter who feels it, so that if he did it for nothing, he would do it just as well. Same holds true for damn near everyone.

— A. E. Hotchner

Everyone loves a hero. What we differ on is the question of who the heroes are, because we differ over what matters. And who matters is a function of what matters. [If] what matters is intelligence, the people who matter are the intelligent, and the people who matter the most, the heroes, are the geniuses.

— Rebecca Goldstein

Graphology is another in a long list of quack substitutes for hard work. It is appealing to those who are impatient with such troublesome matters as research, evidence analysis, reasoning, logic, and hypothesis testing.

— Robert Todd Carroll

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