Quotes About Wearing Sunglasses

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Quotes About Wearing Sunglasses

Rubys stories didnt have morals. They meant one thing in the light and one thing in the dark and another thing entirely when she was wearing sunglasses.
— Nova Ren Suma —

Right now, all white people are either wearing or coveting a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. These sunglasses are so popular now that you cannot swing a canvas bag at a farmer's market without hitting a pair. In fact, at outdoor gatherings you should count the number of Wayfarers so you can determine exactly how white the event is. If you see no Wayfarers you are either at a country music concert or you are indoors.

— Christian Lander

Article 100: "When pulling up to a stoplight, a Bro lowers his window so that all might enjoy his music selection."
Corollary: "If there happens to be a hot chick driving the car next to the Bro, the Bro shall put his sunglasses down to get a better look. If he's not wearing his sunglasses, he will first put them on, then pull down to get a better look.

— Barney Stinson

I make M-rated games for adults, you know, with guys wearing sunglasses at night and trench coats.

— Warren Spector

To remove all credibility from what you're saying try wearing sunglasses on your forehead.

— Demetri Martin

I was at a bar, and this guy bumped into me, and he did not apologize, and he said, "Move!" I thought that was rude, so I said, "Go to hell!" Then I started to run. He caught up to me. He had a mustache, a goatee, a pair of earrings, sunglasses, a ponytail and he was wearing a hat. He said, "Hey, you got a lot of nerve!" I said, "Hey, you got a lot of ... cranium accessories!"

— Mitch Hedberg

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