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Quotes About Vivacious

Without books I would not have become a vivacious reader, and if you are not a reader you are not a writer.
— Ken Follett —

And these days I've come to prefer the more steady Bordeaux. I am no longer up to champagne from Ay: it's like a mistress: sparkling, flighty, vivacious, wayward - and not to be trusted. But Bordeaux is like a friend who in time of trouble and misfortune stands by us always, anywhere, ready to give us help, or just to share our quiet leisure. So raise your glasses - to our friend Bordeaux!

— Alexander Pushkin

Tell that guy to kiss my white vivacious ass. He never met me.

— A.S. King

I am not a vivacious person in real. I hate smiling. I hate doing small talk.

— Anushka Sharma

The rehearsal process is the most important thing to me, so working with colleagues who are effusive, thoughtful, young and vivacious is really inspiring as a musician.

— Susanna Phillips

Not only did I come out as a reality star that was very boisterous and vivacious and outspoken and all those things. I flipped that into money and respect. And a lot of people can't do that.

— NeNe Leakes

Grace leaned against Colin, who was silently watching the lively chatter. That was characteristic of him, actually. And then she realized that they were a pair, a silent, observant couple.
Still, in the circle of his arm, she wasn't a lonely observer. She wasn't a wallflower, anymore. She could be herself rather than wishing she was more vivacious, more full of chatter, more like Lily.

— Eloisa James

This young woman," he indicated Miss Wintertowne, "she has, I dare say, all the usual accomplishments and virtues? She was graceful? Witty? Vivacious? Capricious? Danced like sunlight? Rode ilk the wind? Sang like an angel? Embroidered like Penelope? Spoke French, Italian, German, Breton, Welsh and many other languages?"
Mr. Norrell said he supposed so. He believed that those were the sorts of things young ladies did nowadays.

— Susanna Clarke

Christie Brinkley told me that I needed to become a movie star because I have that something, and then we actually just became friends on set. She has such a young spirit, and is so vivacious. It was such a fun, fun shoot.

— Ashley Graham

Enlightenment is x-rated, honey; if you haven't checked it out. It's hot, it's vivacious. You're going to take your mind and merge it with the entire cosmos.

— Frederick Lenz

Women can be vivacious. We are allowed more varieties of facial expression and gestures. Men must be rocklike.

— Gloria Steinem

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