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Quotes About Use Of Tools

Much of what we think of as human evolved long after the use of tools. It is probably more correct to think of much of our structure as the result of culture than it is to think of men anatomically like ourselves slowly developing culture.
— Sherwood L. Washburn —

Wolves regularly attacked their rivals in power, so the idea of killing to gain position was neither alien nor repulsive to her. The use of assassins she had filed as yet another of the curious tools - like swords and bows - that humans created to make up for their lack of personal armament. What she still had to puzzle through was the subtle strategies involved in killing those who were expected to inherit power rather than those who held the power itself.

— Jane Lindskold

Individual human beings are all tools, that the others use to help us all survive." "That's a lie." "No. It's just a half truth. You can worry about the other half after we win this war.

— Orson Scott Card

Instead of letting our emotions run amok with our minds, we can use our minds as tools that allow us to build realities that serve us better,
and we attract what we are meant to attract because we are aware and self-empowered enough to choose most of the time.

— Jay Woodman

I see no reason to use offensive tools unless you're defending the country or in a state of war, or you want to achieve some really important thing for the good of the nation and others.

— Keith B. Alexander

Asset freezes and travel bans are cost-effective tools for punishing humanrights abusers. Why not use them more often?

— Anonymous.

I can use most of the tools that every American teenager can master. Maybe not all of them.

— Rand Paul

It took a while to find a passion for another career that was as strong as the passion that I had for football. Once I found it in acting, it was simple. Use the tools you were given from playing football and apply it to your new passion. I have done that through acting, producing and writing.

— Maurice Hall

Now the reason that we think computer science is about computers is pretty much the same reason that the Egyptians thought geometry was about surveying instruments: when some field is just getting started and you don't really understand it very well, it's very easy to confuse the essence of what you're doing with the tools that you use.

— Hal Abelson

As you get older, you have different tools, and you learn to use photography differently.

— Annie Leibovitz

Strong leadership demands more than the willingness to use force. It means directing the use of the right tools at the right time for the right purpose and the right cause.

— John F. Kerry

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