Quotes About Turnips

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Quotes About Turnips

They were frightening enough, but Tessa could not help but feel that if Will were there, he would have commented that they looked like turnips, and perhaps made up a song about it.
— Cassandra Clare —

By July we had strawberries, red currants, raspberries, veal, dill, baby turnips, marrow. Mussolini resigned, and Italy capitulated. Roses could be had.

— Elise Blackwell

Vest 2 bu[shels] @ 7 p. Paid 1.40 Mrs. Allen 1/2 bu Paid .35 H. M. Dyer 5 bu Paid 3.50 Hogs and Cattle Aug 23 9 hogs to K.C. 74.38 24 1 " " " 15.93 Oct 18 1 cow " " 32.85 Nov 4 Difference on horse trade 3.00 Miscellaneous Oct 18 Phillips 8 bu Apples Paid 2.00 Nov 2 Jno. Sweeten 6 1/2 bu on 1.65 a/c Sept 16 5/4 bu green beans 6.80 Nov 4 12 bu turnips Mr. Brown 3:00

— David McCullough

These Atlantikoinonia. They're human? (Acheron)
What else would they be? Turnips? (Tory)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

The huge round lunar clock was a gristmill. Shake down all the grains of Time-the big grains of centuries, and the small grains of years, and the tiny grains of hours and minutes-and the clock pulverized them, slid Time silently out in all directions in a fine pollen, carried by cold winds to blanket the town like dust, everywhere. Spores from that clock lodged in your flesh to wrinkle it, to grow bones to monstrous size, to burst feet from shoes like turnips. Oh, how that great machine ... dispensed Time in blowing weathers.

— Ray Bradbury

Not all vegetables are this draining. Lettuce doesn't bring heartache. Turnips don't ask for your soul. Potatoes don't care where you are or even where they are. Tomatoes cuddle up to anyone who'll give them mulch and sunshine. But giants like Max need you every second. You can forget about a whiz-bang social life.

— Joan Bauer

I didn't just come in on a load of turnips!

— Phillip C. McGraw

If you want an MMO, there are plenty out there. The difference with a single player game is that in the same way you lose yourself in a good novel, you can lose yourself in a single player story. You see it in all these games, where you can fill your house with turnips or decorate your armour with a dragon skull.

— Marc Laidlaw

He tapped my chest. 'Happy is here.' He tapped his own chest. 'Here.'
I looked down past my chin. 'Inside?'
It was getting crowded in there. First angel. Now happy. It seemed there was more to me than cabbage and turnips.

— Jerry Spinelli

I love root vegetables: carrots, parsnips, and turnips.

— Julia Child

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