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Quotes About Trying Again

Think of a fine painter attempting to capture an inner vision, beginning with one corner of the canvas, painting what she thinks should be there, not quite pulling it off, covering it over with white paint, and trying again, each time finding out what her painting isnt, until she finally finds out what it is. And when you finally do find out what one corner of your vision is; youre off and running.
— Anne Lamott —

Don't let things go, if you truly don't want them to go, trying again is far better than regret.

— Magith Noohukhan

Failure is not fatal until we surrender
trying again is the key of glorious victory

— Muhammad Iqbal

Keep trying again

— Sasha Maurtitus

We are all wounded. But wounds are necessary for his healing light to enter into our beings. Without wounds and failure and frustrations and defeats, there will be no opening for his brilliance to tickle in and invade our lives. Failures in life are courses with very high tuition fees, so I don't cut classes and miss my lessons: on humility, on patience, on hope, on asking others for help, on listening to God, on trying again and again and again.

— Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanchez Jr.

You must ask for God's help. Even when you have done so, it may seem to you for a long time that no help, or less help than you need, is being given. Never mind. After each failure, ask forgiveness, pick yourself up, and try again. Very often what God first helps us towards is not the virtue itself but just this power of always trying again.

— C.S. Lewis

Florentino Ariza was on the bed, lying on his back and trying to regain control, once again not knowing what to do with the skin of the tiger he had slain.

— Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez

I've been trying to get through this damn book again". Ardee slapped at heavy volume lying open, face down, on a chair.
"The Fall of the Master Maker", muttered Glokta. "That rubbish? All magic and valor, no ? I couldn't get through the first one".
"I sympathize. I'm onto the third and it doesn't get any easier. Too many damn wizards. I get them mixed up one with another. It's all battles and endless bloody journeys, here to there and back again. If so much as glimpse another map I swear I kill myself

— Joe Abercrombie

When I look at the kids training today ... I can tell which ones are going to do well. It's not necessarily the ones who have the most natural talent or who fall the least. Sometimes it's the kids who fall the most, and keep pulling themselves up and trying again.

— Michelle Kwan

The value of experimentation is not the trying. It's the trying again after the experiment fails.

— Simon Sinek

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