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Quotes About Themes

I feel that people really feel theyve got a part of me when they listen to my albums and the themes just show themselves.
— Sarah Brightman —

You should have seen the costumes for the last few prom themes: Pimps and their srteet ho's; CEOs and their office ho's; GI Joes and their combat ho's; Gardeners and their garden hose;Firemen and their fire hose ... If you ask me, a 'masquerade' theme isn't flattering for anyones features, nor does it define the apppropriate gender roles very clearly.

— The Harvard Lampoon

I think vampires are different from human beings, but they're sentenced to eternity on this planet. They have the same confusion about love and permanence, integrity, and denial. These qualities really are the same in vampire characters as in humans. I think they're universal themes.

— Alexandra Cassavetes

Climbing has a lot of themes that are applicable to people, no matter who you are.

— Kevin Jorgeson

Change and renewal are themes in life, aren't they? We keep growing throughout life.

— Susan Minot

True art is thoughtful, emotional examination of how human themes impact the overall experience of existing. The rest is kitsch.

— Tiffany Madison

I feel that people really feel they've got a part of me when they listen to my albums and the themes just show themselves.

— Sarah Brightman

I am not one to compare long melodies as did Mozart. I can't get beyond short themes. But what I can do, is to utilize such a theme, paraphrase it and extract everything that is in it, and I don't think there's anybody today who can match me at that.

— Stefan Zweig

The 80s were deranged. People had all these liberties all of a sudden and all the freedom in the world, the Less Than Zero sort of themes that came from that period, I think electronic music works very well for that whole idiom.

— Sam De Jong

I just felt like, you know, I read a lot of scripts out in L.A., out here in the industry and I just felt like this film was just being genuine. I just felt like it had really great characters. And all the three different characters have completely different stories and they're all kind of intertwined together thematically. So I just thought it had great characters, great themes

— George Tillman, Jr.

Our theme is, 'Respected abroad, strong at home.' What do we mean by that? Basically that we want a strong emphasis on affordable health care and education, safer at home, positive themes. And respected abroad
a foreign policy with alliances.

— Bill Richardson

There's something in the Zeitgeist now. A lot of [film] scripts I get have these very dark themes, a cornucopia of dysfunction. You know, Jane is a 13-year-old anorexic who lives with her parents and has been raped by her father. And this is a comedy.

— Christine Vachon

Of course, no lyrics are ever unintentional, but I think bands like Wolf Parade and the Arcade Fire have a tendency to touch on big themes without really following through on them or tying them in to a particular logic.

— Dan Bejar

Think about Mann's own daily routine (ascribed to Aschenbach), read the extant diaries and the letters in which he discusses the novella's themes, and it won't be so obvious that the attraction to Tadzio is completely unprecedented; it also won't be obvious that what Aschenbach wants is full sexual contact.

— Philip Kitcher

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