Quotes About The World In The Bible

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Quotes About The World In The Bible

What I see here, what I feel here is that people in your world believe spirituality isnt distant. Its close and real. Religion seems born in the home, stays in the home. I mean, the services are even held in the home. And theres not one person in charge, one speaker set above the others. Its farmers and carpenters, and well, just average folk speaking spontaneously about the message they find in the Bible. [ ... ] A message from the heart to the heart.
— Barbara Cameron —

The most 'authoritative' accounts of a historical Jesus come from the four canonical Gospels of the Bible. Note that these Gospels did not come into the Bible as original and authoritative from the authors themselves, but rather from the influence of early church fathers, especially the most influential of them all: Irenaeus of Lyon who lived in the middle of the second century. Many heretical gospels existed by that time, but Irenaeus considered only some of them for mystical reasons. He claimed only four in number; according to Romer, 'like the four zones of the world, the four winds, the four divisions of man's estate, and the four forms of the first living creatures
the lion of Mark, the calf of Luke, the man of Matthew, the eagle of John.

— Frank Butcher

It's hard to say who's a greater threat to the world, an ambitious CEO with a big ad budget or a crafty cleric with an obsolete Bible verse.

— Tom Robbins

The Bible nowhere teaches that the church will ultimately convert the whole world to Jesus Christ. There has never been a generation in history, nor will there ever be generation, in which the majority of the people will believe in Christ.

— Billy Graham

I've always said there are four words that every child in the world knows, and those are, "Tell me a story,." Even the people who wrote the Bible knew that. They told stories, like the story of Noah.

— Don Hewitt

The Bible is the most thought suggesting book in the world. No other deals with such grand themes.

— Herrick Johnson

According to the men of the world, few are going to hell; According to the Bible, few are going to heaven.

— J.C. Ryle

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