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Quotes About The Sats

In Miss Chens English class, we learned, To be or not to be ... but theres a big gray area in between. Maybe in Shakespeare times people only had two options. Griffin Wilson, he knew that the SATs were just the gateway to a big lifetime of bullshit. To get married and college. To paying taxes and trying to raise a kid whos not a school shooter. And Griffin Wilson knew drugs are only a patch. After drugs, youre always going to need more drugs.
— Chuck Palahniuk —

Silver lining; if we die, I won't have to take the SATs in January

— Delia Winters

But no matter what happens, the earth keeps turning. Monday always comes and eventually, sometimes excruciatingly slowly, that Monday is followed by a Friday. You take tests, hand in papers you wrote at two in the morning the day they were due, and your shoes get worn out, and the pollen in the air increases so that you go through an entire package of tissues during the SATs, and you wander through the crowds at parties looking for Natalie Banks because you came with her, and you watch her take off for the backyard with a senior who seems to be in the backyard with a different girl at every party, and you learn to play chess with your dad, and you eat too much ice cream, and your favorite television drama has its two-hour season finale, and then suddenly the school year ends and you pack your bags for Tennessee.

— Dana Reinhardt

There's a fundamental rule of the universe that goes like this: if you're running late, you will miss your bus. You'll also miss your bus if it's raining or if you have somewhere really important to go, like the SATs or a driver's test.
Dara and I have a word for that kind of luck: crapdiment. Just crap smeared on top of more crap.

— Lauren Oliver

It feels like it's the end of the world if you don't do well on your SATs.

— Marie Lu

I had higher math SATs than in English - yet I became an English major in college.

— Christie Hefner

I had started teaching because I love brainteasers. At some point, I had taken every standardized test out there - the SATs, the GREs, the GMATs, the MCATs. I just took them for fun.

— Jose Ferreira

On the SATs Remember, it's just a test. If you fuck up, it doesn't mean you're a fuckup. That said, try not to fuck this up. It's pretty important.

— Justin Halpern

Affirmative action was designed originally for "women and other minorities" but the phrase has become just another tortured euphemism. Female conscientiousness and eagerness to please have always made women good students and natural test takers. Jews have gloried in scholarship throughout the ages, and Asians of both sexes score so high on SATs and IQ tests that they regard affirmative action as an impediment. Affirmative action really means favoritism for blacks for the sake of racial peace, but the favor is pure chimera, and so, increasingly, is the peace.

— Florence King

The Colonel led all the cheers. Cornbread!" he screamed. CHICKEN!" the crowd responded. Rice!" PEAS!" And then, all together: "WE GOT HIGHER SATs." Hip Hip Hip Hooray!" the Colonel cried. YOU'LL BE WORKIN' FOR US SOMEDAY!

— John Green

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