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Quotes About The Poor

Working with Jim Sheridan for instance, we did this movie Brothers. Jim will ask anybody - well get a delivery on set, and like the poor delivery guy will be like, "Heres your pizza," and hell be like, "Come over here. Come here. I want to ask you a question. Do you think this is real? What do you think? Should we do another take?" And theyre like, "I, uh, you want your pizza?" Theres no shame in everybodys ideas. Theres no shame in somebody not knowing.
— Jake Gyllenhaal —

God thundered again and again through the prophets that worship in the context of mistreatment of the poor and disadvantaged is an outrage.

— Ronald J. Sider

Your relationship with your brother will be, in many ways, the most complex and bewildering of all the interpersonal connections you will form. An older brother is both authority and peer, friend and bitter enemy, partner and rival, and will play these contradictory roles to varying degrees throughout your life. At this point the rivalry is most prominent, owing to the difference in age and the resentment your brother feels toward you monopolizing your mother's attention. Try to remember, in the face of the poor treatment you receive at his hands, that more than a pure desire to cause you harm or pain, this is an effort on his part to win back some of that attention, even if it's only through being scolded and punished.

— Ron Currie Jr.

Some people collect stamps or beer mats; Mum collected waifs and strays, cats, dogs, frogs, people, and as she believed, a whole host of "little people." Had she been confronted that night with a lion,she'd have made the same comment "The poor thing.

— Fynn

A Christmas gambol oft could cheer
The poor man's heart through half the year.

— Walter Scott

True love transcends the unworthy object, and dwells and broods on the eternal, and when the poor interposed mask crumbles, it is not sad, but feels rid of so much earth, and feels its independency the surer.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

My dear brothers and sisters,* how can you claim to have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ if you favor some people over others? 2 For example, suppose someone comes into your meeting* dressed in fancy clothes and expensive jewelry, and another comes in who is poor and dressed in dirty clothes. 3 If you give special attention and a good seat to the rich person, but you say to the poor one, "You can stand over there, or else sit on the floor"-well, 4 doesn't this discrimination show that your judgments are guided by evil motives?

— Anonymous.

Luther sees a social dimension to this prayer as well. For all to get daily bread, there must be a thriving economy, good employment, and a just society. Therefore, to pray "give us-all the people of our land-daily bread" is to pray against "wanton exploitation" in business, trade, and labor, which "crushes the poor and deprives them of their daily bread.

— Timothy Keller

Economy, the poor man's mint.

— Martin Farquhar Tupper

Bells, the poor man's only music.

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

You've got so many groups that have no voice in this world - the indigenous, the poor. So how can I use the resources that I have and bring them up, highlight them. And it's not that difficult. It's just choosing and concentrating and focusing.

— Anita Roddick

There are some people who, in order not to pray use as an excuse the fact that life is so hectic that it prevents us from praying. This cannot be. Prayer does not demand that we interrupt our work, but that we continue working as if it were a prayer. It is not necessary to always be in meditation, nor to consciously experience the sensation that we are talking to God, no matter how nice that would be. What matters is being with Him, living in Him, in His will. To love with a pure heart, to love everybody, especially to live the poor, is a twenty-four hour prayer.

— Mother Teresa

The truth is that after several decades of neoliberalism, the rich are becoming increasingly richer while the poor are both more numerous and increasingly poorer.

— Fidel Castro

The ship is sinking The ship is sinking There's leak, there's a leak,in the boiler room The poor, the lame, the blind Who ore the ones that we kept in charge Killers, thieves, and lawyers God's Away, God's away God's away on Business

— Tom Waits

Money must serve, not rule! The Pope loves everyone, rich and poor alike, but he is obliged in the name of Christ to remind all that the rich must help, respect and promote the poor. I exhort you to generous solidarity and a return of economics and finance to an ethical approach which favours human beings.

— Pope Francis

The Reformation has been called in a biting epigram "a rising of the rich against the poor."

— Hilaire Belloc

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