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Quotes About The Gene Pool

You get diarrhea out here, you dehydrate from the inside out - you leave the gene pool.
— Cody Lundin —

People of very different opinions
friends who can discuss politics, religion, and sex with perfect civility
are often reduced to red-faced rage when the topic of conversation is the serial comma or an expression like more unique. People who merely roll their eyes at hate crimes feel compelled to write jeremiads on declining standards when a newspaper uses the wrong form of its. Challenge my most cherished beliefs about the place of humankind in God's creation, and while I may not agree with you, I'll fight to the death for your right to say it. But dangle a participle in my presence, and I'll consider you a subliterate cretin no longer worth listening to, a menace to decent society who should be removed from the gene pool before you do any more damage.

— Jack Lynch

A defeatist attitude was not in his gene pool.

— DiAnn Mills

Running around in the grass near an unsecured structure and a bunch of trees is a good way of taking yourself out of the gene pool.

— Mira Grant

Likewise, everyone at the Circle there had been chosen, and thus the gene pool was extraordinary, the brainpower phenomenal. It was a place where everyone endeavored, constantly and passionately, to improve themselves, each other, share their knowledge, disseminate it to the world.

— Dave Eggers

When I asked [my dad why the sky was blue] he said it was because God's a boy. If God were a girl, the sky would be pink.
'What about sunrise and sunset?' I'd asked.
Dad had looked dumbfounded. 'You kids. You think too much.'
It frightened me how shallow the gene pool was that Liam and I were wading in.

— Julie Anne Peters

The people of Earth are emerging from an amnesiac-like state of collective shock, which has blocked the influx of spiritual knowledge into the human gene pool. And while it is quite obvious to many that "You create your reality", the vast majority of humans still need to be awakened from the unconsciously controlled trance of powerlessness that they voluntarily took on.

— Barbara Marciniak

You get diarrhea out here, you dehydrate from the inside out - you leave the gene pool.

— Cody Lundin

Let's face it, the gene pool needs a little chlorine.

— Jimmy Carr

The genetic stage of a gene pool can be identified by the personality characteristics of the local God. Jehovah of Genesis is a low-level barbarian macho punk God. He boastfully claims to have created the heaven and the stars and the world, but provides no technical details or replicable blueprints. His preoccupations, whims, anxieties, jealousies, rules and hatred of women are primitive mammalian brain. His petty prides are primate.

— Timothy Leary

What really happens is that the gene pool becomes filled with genes that influence bodies in such a way that they behave 'as if' they made complex, if unconscious, cost/benefit calculations

— Richard Dawkins

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