Quotes About The First Time We Met

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Quotes About The First Time We Met

From the first time we met, we knew everything that mattered about each other, didnt we? We just knew. I guess thats what best friends are: parts of each other.
— Kristin Hannah —

I still have that feeling the first time we met every time I see you.

— Jayson Engay

The first time we met he shot me in the head with an electric staple gun, but our relationship has evolved in the subsequent months.

— Ben H. Winters

Then we leave together,' he whispered. Just that, nothing else.
And for the first time since they met, Scythe cried.

— Drew Karpyshyn

Tell me you doona want this. Tell me that ye didna feel this storm brewing between us since the very first day we met. That a part of ye didna know that this was an inevitability. I knew from the first time I saw ye that it was my destiny to claim ye here in the mists. And ye must take me, Mena ... all of me. Make demands of yer own. Lay claim to the pleasure I'm willing to offer ye.

— Kerrigan Byrne

I died for a short while the first time we met

— Charlotte V. Howard

It was the first time her eyes had really met mine and to be honest I think there was more warmth between the lamb chops in the freezer. Daniel meeting Felicity in Cousin Felicity and the Eels of Misty Point.

— Kaal Kaczmarek

If Conrad remembered the skinny, frightened girl he'd held for one brief moment on a frigid Boston street corner, he showed no signs of it when we met
Even as I tried to urge hum back against the pillows, he looked at me with wild eyes.
"What happened to your leather jacket?" he asked.
"Shh," I said, trying to sooth him. "There's no leather jacket."
"You were wearing it the first time I saw you," he said, frowning slightly.

— Lauren Oliver

Are you okay?"
I sighed,my sodden coat chilling me to the bone. "Peachy.Made a new friend."
He pulled me up by the hand,unzipping my coat and yanking it off me.
"It's only fair. I seem to recall you making me strip the first time we met.

— Kiersten White

Being with Anna is easy. She's the one."
The one. It stops my heart. I thought Max was the one, but ... there's that other one.
The first one.
"Do you believe in that?" I ask quietly. "In one person for everyone?"
Something changes in St Clair's eyes. Maybe sadness. "I can't speak for anyone but myself," he says. "But, for me, yes. I have to be with Anna. But this is something you have to figure out on your own. I can't answer that for you, no one can."
"Lola." He rolls his chair over to my side. "I know things are shite right now. And in the name of friendship and full disclosure, I went through something similar last year. When I met Anna, I was with someone else. And it took a long time before I found the courage to do the hard thing. But you have to do the hard thing."
I swallow. "And what's the hard thing?"
"You have to be honest with yourself.

— Stephanie Perkins

Brands mature over time, like a marriage. The bond you feel with your spouse is different than when you first met each other. Excitement and discovery are replaced by comfort and depth.

— Gary Vaynerchuk

I always believed that first love would stay in my heart the longest, that it would be reminded through every man I met, through every song and every place I had been too, it hurt like hell to experience my heart crashing into a thousand pieces amongst the floor & the feeling of missing them so bad that my body ached that I spent a lot of time alone wondering if I deserved to be loved the way I love and then I met you & you gently reminded me that I was worthy and in your actions taught me to give love one more chance. So I did and as vulnerable and uncertain it all is, im glad my heart has met someone it wants to open for again.

— Nikki Rowe

The discovery of oil occurred shortly after the Addis Ababa agreement, the pact that ended the first civil war, that first one lasting almost seventeen years. In 1972, the north and south of Sudan met in Ethiopia, and the peace agreement was signed, including, among other things, provisions to share any of the natural resources of the south, fifty-fifty. Khartoum had agreed to this, but at the time, they believed the primary natural resource in the south was uranium. But at Addis Ababa, no one knew about oil, so when the oil was found, Khartoum was concerned. They had signed this agreement, and the agreement insisted that all resources be split evenly ... But not with oil! To share oil with blacks? This would not do! It was terrible for them, I think, and that is when much of the hard-liners in Khartoum began thinking about canceling Addis Ababa and keeping the oil for themselves.

— Dave Eggers

At first, when you go to premieres and award shows, you're thinking, 'How the hell am I here? All these people I've never met are here, and it's so cool!' And then, as time goes on, it's a little bit like, 'Ah ... it's more like work.'

— Emma Stone

He was honest," Wayne said. "I got a sense for that sort of thing." He sneezed. "You believed that Lessie really was a dancer, the first time we met her," Waxillium said, rising. "That's different. She was a woman. Good at lying, they are. The God Beyond made'm that way." "I'm  ... not certain how I should take that," Marasi said. "With a pinch of copper," Waxillium said. "And a healthy dose of skepticism. Just like anything Wayne says.

— Brandon Sanderson

I chose Bagdasarian Productions when I heard from some colleagues at work who were buying story boards at the time back in the early '90. I met the man once when I came in with the first half of the story board and the only thing he said when looking at the first half of the board was, "It's so nice to see someone using their imagination."

— Mike Royer

My first date was with a girl named Cessi. We'd had a beautiful relationship over the phone all summer long. Then she came home and we met to go out for the first time to the movies. When I saw her I was petrified. I couldn't even look her in the eye to talk to her.

— Leonardo DiCaprio

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