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Quotes About The Blitz

In 1952, I had gone to England on a literary pilgrimage, but what I also saw, even at that distance from the blitz, were bombed-out ruins and an enervated society, while the continent was still, psychologically, in the grip of its recent atrocities.
— Cynthia Ozick —

The author describes the attitude of some on the frontier at Rome's twilight as exhibiting a kind of London-in-the-blitz determination to carry on being more Roman than usual.

— Peter Heather

Maybe nothing phased her until she was beaten to death on her marble floor, and I envision a blitz attack.

— Patricia Cornwell

Mary bring out your umbrella -
The sun shines down on this fine, fine day
But the ashes raining down forever
Are going to turn your hair to gray.
Mary keep your oars a-steady
Sail away on the rising flood
Keep your candle at the ready
Red tides can't be told from blood.
- "Miss Mary" (a common child's clapping game, dating from the time of the blitz), from Pattycake and Beyond: A History of Play

— Lauren Oliver

I was brought up in the War. I was an adolescent in the Second World War. And I did witness in London a great deal of the Blitz.

— Harold Pinter

My room is dominated by the huge painting, which is a copy of 'The Violation' by the Belgian surrealist Paul Delvaux. The original was destroyed during the Blitz in 1940, and I commissioned an artist I know, Brigid Marlin, to make a copy from a photograph. I never stop looking at this painting and its mysterious and beautiful women.

— J.G. Ballard

No true fan wants to go to Comic-Con and get assaulted with a marketing blitz about just any old show.

— Jim Lee

Blitz to V-E Day. After the war was over, the novelist John Hersey invented a new kind of journalism, modelled on the techniques of fiction, in his report about the atomic-bomb attack on Hiroshima, which filled an entire issue of the magazine in the summer of 1946. That June, Ross wrote to Flanner, with a touch of rue, "Probably the magazine will never get back to where it was." The war took The New Yorker out of the city and into the world.

— Anonymous.

He who analyses blitz is stupid.

— Rashid Nezhmetdinov

My wife and I have enjoyed over forty years of wedded blitz.

— Hugh Leonard

Of the 664 men who rode into the Valley of Death about 540 eventually got out of it again. By far the highest casualty rate was among the horses. Compared with the Somme or an evening in the Blitz, the Valley of Death was a piece of cake.

— Simon Heffer

I play way too much blitz chess. It rots the brain just as surely as alcohol.

— Nigel Short

Emeric [Pressburger] was completely cosmopolitan. That's what makes their [with Michael Powell] films so special. Neither of them thought twice about making a film about a friendship between an Englishman and a German during the Blitz. They were genius.

— Thelma Schoonmaker

In blitz, the Knight is stronger than the Bishop

— Vlastimil Hort

Blitz chess kills your ideas.

— Bobby Fischer

Perfect alchemists I keep who can transmute substances without end, and thus the corner of my garden is an inexhaustible treasure-chest. Here you can dig, not gold, but the value which gold merely represents; and there is no Signor Blitz about it.

— Henry David Thoreau

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