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Quotes About Sponsors

Im thrilled I have the opportunity to do the Spread show and have the terrific sponsors that we work with like Nikon or Verizon.
— Dave Navarro —

Once you've identified people who can be both mentors and sponsors, you need to make contact. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself to a potential ally at an event or in the elevator and say you admire her work. If the person is spearheading a committee or drive, volunteer to be on it. You can also request an informational interview. You could say something such as I've heard so much about your work [or latest venture] and would love to know more about it.

— Kate White

For myself, I warmly thank the Nobel Foundation and the Committee for Chemistry for this mark of their approbation and for an award which confers the highest distinction that a scientist can achieve. I am greatly beholden also to my sponsors and supporters.

— Robert Robinson

I want to be able to say what's on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates, attack sponsors. I'm sort of done with that.

— Laura Schlessinger

I love my sponsors. They make things so much fun for me. We do really fun and exciting things, so I always have a blast. It doesn't ever seem like work.

— Lexi Thompson

I was always a guy who wanted to be associated with a brand that meant something to me, something I was proud to be associated with ... I always wanted sponsors that felt good to be associated with me as well.

— Matt Kuchar

I'm thrilled I have the opportunity to do the 'Spread' show and have the terrific sponsors that we work with like Nikon or Verizon.

— Dave Navarro

I hope this series is good work, but it is in the half-hour medium, which is limited to a kind of mediocrity that sponsors are just dying to have right now, and the public, for some reason, is unconsciously demanding.

— Jackie Cooper

A journalist's job is to collect information," Ovid said to Pete.
"Nope," Pete said. "That's what we do. It's not what they do."
Dellarobia was unready to be pushed out of the conversation just like that. "Then what do you think the news people drive their Jeeps all the way out here for?"
"To shore up the prevailing view of their audience and sponsors."
"Pete takes a dim view of his fellow humans," Ovid said. "He prefers insects.
Dellarobia turned her chair halfway around to face Pete, scraping noisily against the cement floor. "You're saying people only tune in to news they know they're going to agree with?"
"Bingo," said Pete.

— Barbara Kingsolver

If you think I've got a lot of sponsors, you should see the stuff I turn down.

— Shaun White

The corporate media is there to push the agenda of the sponsors, and many of those sponsors are weapons manufacturers. So it stands to reason that you won't get a diversity of opinions on television.

— Michael Franti

The year was 1996, Guy Mariano and I had no clothing sponsors, and at that point in our lives we had purchased enough Polo, Hilfiger and Nautica gear to think, hey, maybe we should start a clothing company.

— Eric Koston

I wish they would pass a law where all Democrats and Republicans had to wear NASCAR racing suits, because if you look at the NASCAR drivers, it tells who their sponsors are. And if they do that, we could then become informed voters, because we would know who owns them.

— Jesse Ventura

On the seemingly one-sided relationship between Michael Jordan and his shoe sponsors Nike- The company should change its name to Mike.

— Alvin Robertson

When I stripped myself completely of pressure and thoughts of sponsors and realized I only love to climb, that's the day I did it.

— Ron Kauk

Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors.

— Caroline Baum

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