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Quotes About Spiders Fear

Felicia nodded. "Sometimes I have that problem. I know nearly everything you can learn in a book and very little that you learn in life. Like my fear of spiders. Its silly, really. Ive studied arachnids in an effort to get over my ridiculous overreaction, but still, every time I see one ... " She shuddered. "Its not pretty. I simply cant control myself. A flaw—one of many." "If youre not perfect, then you came to the right place," Charlie told her. "Fools Gold is a lively town with plenty of characters. Youll get a crash course in how the little people live." "I hope I can fit in." Patience saw the concern in Felicias eyes and touched her arm. "Youre going to do just fine.
— Susan Mallery —

I never understood people who said their greatest fear was public speaking, or spiders, or any of the other minor terrors. How could you fear anything more than death? Everything else offered moments of escape: a paralyzed man could still read Dickens; a man in the grips of dementia might have flashes of the must absurd beauty.

— David Benioff

What's your biggest fear?" I asked. Now that the door was open, I wanted to know a few things about him. He might be hot, but maybe I wouldn't like him. Maybe he was a jerk ... "My biggest fear," Hayden repeated as he ran his hands through his thick blond hair. "My biggest fear is being alone through all eternity." Damn, that was deep. I was going to say spiders.

— Robyn Peterman

People who say, 'There's nothing to fear from spiders' have clearly never been to Australia.

— Cate Blanchett

If I'm around spiders, my fear isn't so much the spider, but my fear is that I'm somewhere rustic and that spiders are crawling around. I must be in the woods.

— Chuck Klosterman

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