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Quotes About Snooping

Max marvels that you cant tell at all from his voice how this type of thing the casual prying, snooping and implications royally pisses him off. He really should have gone into acting. Its a tragically wasted talent.
— Lynn Kelling —

Suddenly a force greater than my common sense-which, I'll admit, has been pretty faulty lately, propels me-and I find myself creeping up the long staircase to the forbidden second floor.
I need to see Michael's room.
I need to find out if he is a secret slob, or if there's even more interesting evidence of whom he is up there. I'm not expecting to find anything big, like a literal skeleton in his closet. But I am going to find it, whatever it is. And I will know once and for all who he is.
I make it to the landing when I hear a burst of barking below me and I freeze.
Someone has let a dog in.
Which means that some member of the Endicott family is actually in the house.
Which means that one of Michael's parents is about to catch me snooping.

— Stephanie Wardrop

Of course not! I knew you would protect me. You swore that you were strong enough to protect Vivienne, didn't you? How can you promise to protect my sister, but not trust yourself to keep me safe?"
The music swelled to a crescendo. Although Adrian kept her imprisoned against the muscular length of his body, he gave up all pretense of dancing. "Because I don't lose my wits every time Vivienne walks into a room. I don't toss and turn in my bed every night dreaming of making love to her. She doesn't drive me to distraction with her endless questions, her incessant snooping, her harebrained schemes." His voice rose. "I can trust myself to protect your sister because I'm not in love with her!

— Teresa Medeiros

No will will believe it at first,' Cressida continued. 'You were right about that. But then they'll start to think, and slowly but surely, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. Someone will remember that they said something to you that ended up in a column. Or that you were at a particular house party. Or that they'd seen Eloise Bridgerton snooping about, and doesn't everyone know that the two of you tell each other everything?'
'What do you want?' Penelope asked, her voice low and haunted as she finally lifted her head to face her enemy.
'Ah, now, there's the question I've been waiting for.

— Julia Quinn

What are you doing here snooping around, Tory? (Medea)
I didn't think I was snooping. It didn't feel like a snoop. I have snooped before and can honestly say this isn't it. (Tory)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Are snoopers snooping on their own pain? Probably.

— Martin Amis

The framers of our Constitution understood the dangers of unbridled government surveillance. They knew that democracy could flourish only in spaces free from government snooping and interference, and they put restraints on government overreaching in the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights ... These protections require, at a minimum, a neutral arbiter - a magistrate - standing between the government's endless desire for information and the citizens' desires for privacy.

— Elizabeth Holtzman

Please give reason. Raised taxes; marching us off to war again; approved more NSA snooping. WHO ARE THEY?!

— Matt Drudge

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