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Quotes About Singing

Somewhere, a sparrow is singing in B minor.
— Heather O'Neill —

Somewhere, a sparrow is singing in B minor.

— Heather O'Neill

I'd rather be dead than singing 'Satisfaction' when I'm 45.

— Mick Jagger

You know, your speaking voice comes back, but your singing voice you use in a different way.

— Kathy Mattea

Basically, I started singing when I started talking. Music has just been my saving grace my whole life.

— Mariah Carey

Use the creative process - singing, writing, art, dance, whatever - to get to know yourself better.

— Catie Curtis

The first one I remember singing on stage was 'Somewhere Out There' from 'An American Tail.' I was around 7, and my choir teacher at school asked me if I would sing it. My parents told me that I needed to move around the stage, so for the entire time I just walked back and forth from side to side while I was singing - there's videotape of it.

— Carrie Underwood

I was always brutally teased for being George Harrison's son. That was from the age of about four or five, before I even knew who he was. And for seven years people would follow me about school singing 'Yellow Submarine.' I still can't listen to that song to this day.

— Dhani Harrison

Recreational talking is, along with private singing, one of our saddest recent losses. Like singing, talking has become a job for trained professionals, who are paid considerable sums of money to do it on television and radio while we sit silently listening or, if we're truly lonely and determined, call the station and sit holding the phone waiting for a chance to contribute our two cents' worth.

— Barbara Holland

Devotion does not mean only Chanting praise and singing glory of God, nor fasting and offerings made to God. Devotion is a specific attitude towards life and existence.

— Pandurang Shastri Athavale

Anyone singing about trucks, in any form, in any song, anywhere, literally just stop - nobody cares!

— Kacey Musgraves

I listen to money singing, it's like looking down from long French windows at a provincial town. The slums, the canal, the churches ornate and mad in the evening sun. It is intensely sad ...

— Philip Larkin

With the disappearance of the future, the only thing that remains in your hands is now. Then you can go deep into this now - whatsoever you are doing. You can be eating or dancing or making love to a woman or singing or digging a hole in the ground - whatsoever you are doing. This is the only time you have, why not do it totally? Why not celebrate it? Celebration and being total mean the same thing. You celebrate only when you are total in something, and when you are total in something you celebrate it.

— Rajneesh

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