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Quotes About Showing

It was part of the reason I almost didnt go public with my diagnosis - I was embarrassed. I felt, Oh, Ive always talked about exercising. And I got cancer. And then I realized its a great example of showing that cancer can hit anyone at any time.
— Robin Roberts —

Perforation! Shout it out! The deliberate punctuated weakening of paper and cardboard so that it will tear along an intended path, leaving a row of fine-haired pills or tuftlets on each new edge! It is a staggering conception, showing an age-transforming feel for the unique properties of pulped wood fiber.

— Nicholson Baker

Since there are always talented players in these emerging categories, no matter how grating they may be to the ear of the more traditionally inclined, I was not surprised when the heavy metal band Metallica achieved a style that was huge and orchestral in its guitar textures, showing itself to be perfectly capable of producing beautiful melodies with unusual, finely constructed harmonies.

— Linda Ronstadt

I know people who are embarrassed to be American. They don't like showing their passports. It's becoming a scary place. It takes someone very brave not to be quiet, someone who doesn't mind death threats, their life being turned upside down, news cameras outside their door. There is no freedom of speech in America anymore. They are not living up to the constitution. There's so much fear in America and control.

— Gillian Anderson

I am not showing off. I am just being expressive!

— Nelson Jack

In his dream, George Stetchkin was in the dock at the Central Criminal Court, accused of the murder of nine million innocent brain cells. The usher was showing the jury the alleged murder weapon, an empty Bison Brand wodka bottle. Then the judge glared at him over the rims of his spectacles and sentenced him to the worst hangover of his life.

— Tom Holt

She shook her head and dropped the focus of the light down to the ground. "Well, thanks for ...
everything. Dinner. And stuff. Showing me the ranch."
Why were things so awkward with him?
"Sure." He put his hands in his pockets. "See you tomorrow?"
"Yeah. Tomorrow.

— Maisey Yates

The informality of his posture, combined with the strict formality of his clothes, gave him an air of superlative elegance. His was the only face that had the carefree look and the brilliant smile proper to the enjoyment of a party; but his eyes seemed intentionally expressionless, holding no trace of gaiety, showing-like a warning signal-nothing but the activity of a heightened perceptiveness.

— Ayn Rand

It's just a real thrill when you're showing somebody a chord progression or something, and you see that light come on, you know. You see 'em 'get it.'

— Johnny Gimble

Knowing he had done wrong, prepared to make amends, settle his business. Determined to return to Brokeland, open the doors wide to the angel of retail death, and run the place into the ground all by himself, if that was what it took-but to fail calmly, to fail with style, to fail above all with that true dignity, unknown to his wife or his partner, which lay in never tripping out, never showing offense or hurt to those who had offended or hurt you.

— Michael Chabon

Photography is the art of anticipation, not working with memories, but showing their formation. As such, it has relentlessly usurped imaginative and critical prerogatives of older, slower literature and handmade visual art.

— Peter Schjeldahl

I propose that a teacher's pay be tied to merit, not tenure. And I propose that a teacher's employment be tied to performance, not just showing up.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

A real artist is the one who has learned to recognize and to render ...
the 'radiance' of all things as an epiphany or showing forth of the truth.

— Joseph Campbell

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