Quotes About Second Class Citizens

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Quotes About Second Class Citizens

People dont do good work when they feel like losers and are second-class citizens within their own company.
— Jonah Peretti —

This is the basis, and I am not being tried for whether I am a Communist, I am being tried for fighting for the right of my people, who are still second-class citizens in this United States of America

— Paul Robeson

In almost every professional field, in business and in the arts and sciences, women are still treated as second-class citizens. It would be a great service to tell girls who plan to work in society to expect this subtle, uncomfortable discrimination
tell them not to be quiet, and hope it will go away, but fight it. A girl should not expect special privileges because of her sex, but neither should she "adjust" to prejudice and discrimination

— Betty Friedan

Those who are not free to live as they choose are second class citizens. The weak will lose everything to the strong, even their lives.

— Naoyuki Ochiai

Countless black citizens in the South couldn't vote. They were second-class citizens from cradle to grave. The discrimination was terrible, brutal.

— John Doar

So we are all black people, so-called Negroes, second-class citizens, ex-slaves.

— Malcolm X

No longer should women be denied the right to vote, no longer should women be treated as second class citizens, no longer should women not be allowed to be a citizen at all.

— Ginny Brown-Waite

My dad remembers being in school with my uncle, and the teacher would say outright to the class that the Japanese were second-class citizens and shouldn't be trusted.

— Mike Shinoda

The constitution does not provide for first and second class citizens.

— Wendell Willkie

We have never yet had a labor Government that knew what taking power really means; they always act like second-class citizens.

— Dora Russell

Women are still second-class citizens.

— Joan Jett

When I was a kid and going to the movies I was overwhelmed by the way women were always second-class citizens in the film.

— Brit Marling

Too often girls accept that of course the boys will get better lighting and seating at their sports events, of course the football team will get more attention, privileges, and space in the yearbook. We need to teach girls to look around and notice when they're being treated like second-class citizens, and then to insist on equal treatment.

— Mariah Nelson

If you do not learn English in this country, you cannot get anywhere. We are in America. We are not in Mexico, we are not in China, we are not in Saudi Arabia - we speak English in this country! And what bilingual education does, is keep them from learning English, so they are doomed to be second-class citizens.

— Rafael Cruz

Of all second-class citizens, neurotics are the only ones who are so by choice.

— Mignon McLaughlin

Women are in many ways second-class citizens in the United States in 2016, because of the way that we're portrayed in popular culture.

— Geena Davis

Nonfiction writers are second-class citizens, the Ellis Island of literature. We just can't quite get in. And yes, it pisses me off.

— William Styron

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