Quotes About Satisfaction Of Customers

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Quotes About Satisfaction Of Customers

Everyone is in the business of customer satisfaction.Wh o are your customers and how are they doing?
— Brian Tracy —

In neo-classical economic theory, it is claimed without evidence that people are basically self-seeking, that they want above all the satisfaction of their material desires: what economists call "maximising utility". The ultimate objective of mankind is economic growth, and that is maximized only through raw, and lightly regulated, competition. If the rewards of this system are spread unevenly, that is a necessary price. Others on the planet are to be regarded as either customers, competitors or factors of production. Effects upon the planet itself are mere "externalities" to the model, with no reckoning of the cost - at least for now. Nowhere in this analysis appears factors such as human cooperation, love, trust, compassion or hatred, curiosity or beauty. Nowhere appears the concept of meaning. What cannot be measured is ignored. But the trouble is that once our basic needs for shelter and food have been met, these factors may be the most important of all.

— Carne Ross

Downey Savings & Loan receives high ratings from its customers in California in areas related to personal service and for being customer focused. Downey customers are also twice as likely to visit a branch as their primary transaction method, which contributes to higher overall satisfaction levels. Multiple convenient locations and extended operating hours in supermarkets positively increase customer perceptions of convenience for Downey.

— Jeffery Taylor

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