Quotes About Ripple Effect

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Quotes About Ripple Effect

Pray that God is the most important thing in your life, so much so that hurting him wold hurt you. When that happens, and your choices line up with his, it produces an amazing ripple effect of blessings in your life, that of your family, and for the man you eventually marry.
— Julie Lessman —

Having a vested interest in other souls unconditionally creates a ripple effect that produces miracles in the lives of those around us.

— Molly Friedenfeld

I drop kindness pebbles in still water everyday, and I watch the effect they have on other people's lives.
My favorite kindness pebbles are compliments.
Drop a compliment and watch the ripple affect that it has in your life.

— JohnA Passaro

Every loving word and action create a far reaching ripple effect - like the waves of the ocean.

— Swami Dhyan Giten

Yes, I do believe that there is a cause and effect and a ripple effect upon everything everybody does, and they have positive consequences and negative consequences. If you start to focus on the kind of minutia of that, it's really quite extraordinary.

— Kiefer Sutherland

The availability of roles for deaf actors has always been very limited. After 'Switched at Birth' began including deaf actors, a ripple effect has definitely been created in the industry. 'Switched at Birth' has made an impact for the better.

— Sean Berdy

Amazing to think that everything we do has a ripple effect we're not aware of.

— Red Phoenix

We have strong evidence today that studying a foreign language has a ripple effect, helping to improve student performance in other subjects.

— Richard Riley

Your behaviour influences others through a ripple effect. A ripple effect works because everyone influences everyone else. Powerful people are powerful influences.

— John Heider

Things are very rudimentary as far as women's rights really go here, and it seems fine, but once you start scraping the surface, you start to see the ripple effect of how not having equal rights is so detrimental and how many mothers are single parents trying to raise their families.

— Patricia Arquette

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