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Quotes About Rights

If you dropped me off a space platform onto the ground where a line was drawn, I would fall to the left side of it. I believe the difference between right and left is that the right, for the most part, the bulk of their philosophy is interested in property, and the rights of people to own property and gain and acquire and keep property. And I think on the left - though they blend and mix - on the left primarily you will find people who are more concerned about humans, and the human condition, and what can be done.
— George Carlin —

As hatred is defined as intense dislike, what is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion, if the activities or teachings of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked?

— Rowan Atkinson

When we love children, we acknowledge by our every action that they are not property, that they have rights - that we respect and uphold their rights.

— Bell Hooks

If we don't take effective measures now, the Netherlands could be torn between two extreme rights.

— Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I am not a civil rights leader, and I don't profess to be one.

— Edward Brooke

We are all equal, rich and poor, and we need a society where the people enjoy their rights.

— Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Upholding human rights is not merely compatible with fighting terrorism, it is essential.

— Joichi Ito

People have the right to protest - that's what democracy is all about. I have no problem with people exercising their democratic rights.

— Condoleezza Rice

No guarantees come with children's liberation. But neither the promise of great benefits to all nor the prediction of great difficulties ahead can serve as the reason for granting or denying rights to children. Rights will be granted because without them children are incapacitated, oppressed, and abused.

— Richard Farson

As far as the earth is from the stars, and fire from the sea, so is the useful from the right. Power over men perishes completely if justice begins to be observed, and respect for individual rights overcomes strongholds.

— Lucan

We need an extreme movement because what is happening to animals is so extreme. Some misinformed people claim that animal rights activists are terrorists, but these people are simply ignorant of who the real terrorists are - the companies and industries that torture literally billions of animals each year.

— River Phoenix

If there is one number to which the rights of millions will be happily sacrificed, it is the national GDP growth rate.

— William Easterly

This partisan decision by a packed GOP state Supreme Court takes away worker's rights to bargain for a safe place to work. It underscores the need to vote for me in Aug. 12th primary. As governor, I will call a special session of the Legislature on day one to restore workers' rights, health care and retirement.

— Chris Larson

We do not keep security establishments merely to defend property or territory or rights abroad or at sea. We keep the security forces to defend a way of life.

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Gay rights to me that is the last civil right that we have not granted in America and I think it's an enormous embarrassment.

— Jodi Picoult

When we see the many grave-stones which have fallen in, which have been defaced by the footsteps of the congregation, which lie buried under the ruins of the churches, that have themselves crumbled together over them; we may fancy the life after death to be as a second life, into which man enters in the figure, or the picture or the inscription, and lives longer there than when he was really alive. But this figure also, this second existence, dies out too, sooner or later. Time will not allow himself to be cheated of his rights with the monuments of men or with themselves.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Religion is against women's rights and women's freedom. In all societies women are oppressed by all religions.

— Taslima Nasrin

The duty imposed upon him [the president] to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, follows out the strong injunctions of his oath of office, that he will 'preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.' The great object of the executive department is to accomplish this purpose; and without it, be the form of government whatever it may, it will be utterly worthless for offence or defense; for the redress of grievances or the protection of rights; for the happiness, or good order, or safety of the people.

— Joseph Story

Technology that pollutes can also cleanse, production that amasses can also distribute justly, on condition that the ethic of respect for life and human dignity, for the rights of today's generations and those to come, prevails.

— Pope John Paul II

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