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Quotes About Respecting

I dont like to use the word remake, I think reinterpretation is a better word. Its just a matter of respecting the source, and then trying to make your own film, and trying not to be inhibited by being so beholden to every single thing ... We respect the source, but we make changes to it.
— Spike Lee —

Respecting others is the biggest discipline.

— JP Joshi

No self-respecting snoop sneaks in before midnight anyway.

— Lindsay Buroker

By respecting the trees, you prove that you are a person who deserves to be respected!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

They warn us when we're kids that we're going to have to suffer, but they neglect to mention the indignity. What self-respecting fetus, if shown its future as a proctology patient, boot-camp recruit, or game show contestant, would still elect to be born?

— Tom Robbins

Without free, self-respecting, and autonomous citizens there can be no free and independent nations. Without internal peace, that is, peace among citizens and between the citizens and the state, there can be no guarantee of external peace.

— Vaclav Havel

Respecting the dignity of a spectacular food means enjoying it at its best. Europeans celebrate the short season of abundant asparagus as a form of holiday. In the Netherlands the first cutting coincides with Father's Day, on which restaurants may feature all-asparagus menus and hand out neckties decorated with asparagus spears.

— Barbara Kingsolver

I see top business schools working to bridge this gap [between academic research and business application] by respecting executive education, by having more mature students who proactively draw from faculty what they know they need, and by having faculty who are willing to leave their ivory towers for the murky world of business reality. Unfortunately, at other times, business professors have little or not interest or savvy about business issues.

— Dave Ulrich

He who is ignorant of Motion, says Aristotle , is necessarily ignorant of all natural things ... Not only was he entirely in the dark respecting the Laws, he was completely wrong in his conception of the nature of Motion ... He thought that every body in motion naturally tends to rest.

— George Henry Lewes

We in the United States are pluralistic respecting ultimate beliefs. Profound values exist apart from a devotion to a god. Indeed, those who discriminate against nonbelievers flout the principle of religious tolerance that they often profess.

— Norman Dorsen

Having lots of people talking highly of you and respecting your art and your work, this is one of the best feelings that you can have.

— Peter Gabriel

Yes, absolutely because we think there is a way to do this through earned legalization without rewarding people who have come in with undocumented status, illegally. We don't want to give them an advantage over those who came here legally and we think that there's a way to do this while still respecting the rule of law. It's clear that what the President is talking about does not do that ...

— Paul Ryan

At the economic summit in China, Vladimir Putin is being accused of flirting with the first lady of China. Then again, Putin does have a history of not respecting boundaries.

— Conan O'Brien

I think nonviolence and the mediation of conflict by means of respecting civility must be promoted. But being the kind of beings we [peoplep] are - wrestling with greed, and wrestling with fears and security, anxieties, wrestling with hatred that's shot through all of us - wars are here to stay.

— Cornel West

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