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Quotes About Research

Chemically speaking or biologically, we research things, but we dont know half of them. We only know our half of it - symbolically - and we dont know ourselves more than half.
— Yoko Ono —

Necessity is not the mother of invention. Knowledge and experiment are its parents. It sometimes happens that successful search is made for unknown materials to fill well-recognized and predetermined requirements. It more often happens that the acquirement of knowledge of the previously unknown properties of a material suggests its trial for some new use. These facts strongly indicate the value of knowledge of properties of materials and indicate a way for research.

— Willis R. Whitney

Diogo and the other OPA irregulars had breached a high-value research station, faced down one of the most powerful and evil corporations in a history of power and evil. And now they were making music from the screams of the dying.

— James S.A. Corey

I talked to ex-wives of musicians of the '70s for research. They're the funniest people in the world, yet there is this sad, beautiful thing in their eyes that says they've seen more than they could ever possibly tell you.

— Kate Hudson

Most of my colleagues have research awards on the shelf. I have party invites.

— Anita Elberse

Nokia and Research in Motion needed a modern operating system. They could have bought Palm or Android before Google did, but they didn't. Today, it's probably too late, and at the time they would have been criticized for overpaying, but as they say - shift happens.

— Marc Andreessen

I do crazy amounts of research. I want this stuff to 'work,' so to speak. I need to be, at least to me, believable - because if I feel - if I cannot invest some element of verisimilitude, the reader is absolutely not going to buy in.

— Greg Rucka

Motto for a research laboratory: what we work on today, others will first think of tomorrow.

— Alan Perlis

For me, the historical and genealogical library is the one I use. I'm working on, I'll say, it's a time travel novel. I haven't written very much of it. That's the dirty secret of the Cullman center: The writers don't write their fiction there, they just do their research.

— Andrew Sean Greer

Research means that you don't know, but are willing to find out.

— Charles Kettering

The tree of research must be fed from time to time with the blood of bean-counters, for it is its natural manure.

— Alan Kay

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