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Quotes About Reporting

The Iraq War marked the beginning of the end of network news coverage. Viewers saw the juxtaposition of the embedded correspondents reporting the war as it was actually unfolding and the jaundiced, biased, negative coverage of these same events in the network newsrooms.
— Dick Morris —

What I want people to realize is that "transitioning" is not the end of the journey. Yes, it's an integral part of revealing who we are to ourselves and the world, but there's much life afterward. These stories earn us visibility but fail at reporting on what our lives are like beyond our bodies, hormones, surgeries, birth names, and before-and-after photos.

— Janet Mock

Like so many others of my tenure and temperament-stubborn ancients, I suppose-web reporting is anathema to everything I love about newspapering: getting a tip, developing leads, fleshing-out the details, then telling the story. Now it stops with the tip. Just verify (hopefully!) and post it. I didn't write stories anymore; I 'produced content.

— Chris Rose

And if the government was stone-deaf, the press was mute. The media are convinced in 1987 that they're doing a great job reporting the AIDS story, and there's no denying they've grasped the horror. But for four years they let the bureaucracies get away with passive genocide,

— Paul Monette

The household was pervaded by this atmosphere of a calm adult woman and a man who gave into animal impulses. She reported to him in great detail what her analyst ... said about his binges and his hostility; she used Charley's money to pay Dr. Andrews to catalog his abnormalities. And of course Charley never heard anything directly from the doctor; he had no way of keeping her from reporting what served her and holding back what did not. The doctor, too, had no way of getting to the truth of what she told him; no doubt she only gave him the facts that suited her picture, so that the doctor's picture of Charley was based on what she wanted him to know. By the time she had edited both going and coming there was little of it outside her control.

— Philip K. Dick

On scores of sites, users can upload illegal files of my books. As per 1998's toothless Digital Millennium Copyright Act, I bear the burden of discovering and reporting each theft.

— Peter Lerangis

I can't write a novel without first really doing reporting. I don't even call it research; it's reporting. That process is very important to the granularity of my writing. I have to know what the reality is so I can be more convincing in the writing.

— Lorraine Adams

There's an old saw about journalism that the more you know about a subject, the less sense reporting about it makes.

— Jonathan Galassi

The night before I began my career as a presidential campaign reporter, in September 2007, I finished Theodore White's 'The Making of the President,' the classic account of the 1960 race, which opened up a new era of campaign reporting.

— Michael Hastings

The NSA has different reporting requirements for each branch of government and each of its legal authorities.

— Barton Gellman

I'm in the reporting part of journalism.

— Jim Lehrer

I sought in political reporting what Galsworthy in another context had called "the significant trifle" - the bit of dialogue, the overlooked fact, the buried observation which illuminated the realities of the situation.

— I.F. Stone

It is important to have a reliable and substantive publication such as World Screen available as a source for information. The magazine's reporting is always on the cutting edge of the global television business.

— Jeffrey Bewkes

There is space for a different kind of investigative reporting that's about immersion and obsessive attention to detail and deep listening.

— Sarah Stillman

What I remember most from reporting both the stories are the women. Going into the first piece, I didn't have a super fixed idea about abortion. I'd helped a high school friend get to a doctor once. I always assumed that what a woman did was up to her. But I could also see the pro-life point of view that human life should be sacred in whatever gestational form.

— John H Richardson

Covering Africa is 80 percent logistics and 20 percent reporting.

— Johnny Borrell

Gonzo journalism is a style of reporting based on William Faulkner's idea that the best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism ...

— Hunter S. Thompson

If I am traitor, who did I betray? I gave all my information to the American public, to American journalists who are reporting on American issues. If they see that as treason, I think people really need to consider who they think they're working for. The public is supposed to be their boss, not their enemy.

— Edward Snowden

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