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Quotes About Repayment

College dropouts with significant debt struggle with repayment over the course of their lives and do not receive the benefits afforded to their peers who have debt but obtain higher-paying jobs as a result of college completion.
— Hank Johnson —

If expecting something in return is your reason for giving, you are really not giving- you're swapping. If you receive something in return for your gift, what you receive is a bonus - not a repayment of a debt.

— David Cottrell

Never lend if you need repayment; never give where you want a return.

— Lindsey Davis

God is not looking for repayment, but repentance. What heals a broken relationship is sincere love and contrition.

— Frederica Mathewes-Green

Korea's early repayment of the full amount of loans from the IMF is a major milestone.

— Horst Koehler

You ridiculed the idea of my ever being able to help you, not expecting to receive from me any repayment of your favor; now you know that it is possible for even a Mouse to confer benefits on a Lion.

— Aesop

My actions were intended solely to secure the repayment of funds, which I considered to be in the public interest, and I accept sole responsibility. I did not advise the prime minister of the means by which Sen. Duffy's expenses were repaid, either before or after the fact.

— Nigel S. Wright

That's how you keep someone tied to you, not set them free. You say no to a man and don't give him the peace of repayment.

— Erri De Luca

No child should be brought up to suppose that its food and clothes come down from heaven or are miraculously conjured from empty space by papa. Loathsome as we have made the idea of duty (like the idea of work) we must habituate children to a sense of repayable obligation to the community for what they consume and enjoy, and inculcate the repayment as a point of honor.

— George Bernard Shaw

There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

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