Quotes About Reading Comprehension

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Quotes About Reading Comprehension

The major accomplishment of analyzing illiteracy so far has been the listing of symptoms: the decrease in functional literacy; a general degradation of writing skills and reading comprehension; an alarming increase of packaged language (cliches used in speeches, canned messages); and a general tendency to substitute visual media (especially television and video) for written language.
— Mihai Nadin —

All reading matter, fiction or nonfiction, inspirational or factual-no matter where the stage is set whether the books were printed a hundred or more years ago or only yesterday, whether or not we like what we read-is a journey for the mind. We find ourselves in strange countries and walk in them with strange people, for a time. Often we do not like what we see and hear and encounter; often we do not comprehend it. It's like arriving someplace at night, and then in the morning looking out of the windows, not understanding what we see.
However, whether we travel with pleasure or repulsion, comprehension or bewilderment, these journeys expand the mind and enlarge our grasp of the world that once was or that which is now, or even that which may sometime be.

— Faith Baldwin

Reading goes faster if you don't sweat comprehension.

— Bill Watterson

I remember being taught to read at a very early age. Like creepy young. I remember being in the crib, reading. My parents were very impressed. My reading speed, comprehension and overall ability has remained at that level ever since.

— J.J. Abrams

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