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Quotes About Quotas

We believe that visa quotas should be lifted and people should visit anywhere they wish freely.
— Mahmoud Ahmadinejad —

Death doesn't care about personalities - he's more interested in meeting quotas.

— Jasper Fforde

In any case, ideals are something we strive for; they are somewhere on the horizon of our efforts; they provide meaning and direction; they are not, however, static quotas that we either fulfill or do not.

— Vaclav-Havel

Carter's renowned 1979 "malaise speech" [ ... ] is little remembered for what it actually was: a call to arms for fixing our nation's dire energy future. "Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in 1977
never" [ ... ] Carter was going to use all the weapons at his disposal: import quotas, public investment in coal, solar power, and alternative fuel, and [ ... ] "a bold conservation program" where "every act of energy conservation ... is more than just common sense; I tell you it is an act of patriotism.

— Rachel Maddow

The towns were like scattered puddles, left behind by a receding tide, still holding some precious drops of electricity, but drying out in a desert of rations, quotas, controls, and power-conservation rules.

— Ayn Rand

We believe that visa quotas should be lifted and people should visit anywhere they wish freely.

— Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I am appreciative of the Bush administration's commitment to fair trade by looking at the facts in this case and ruling affirmatively for the implementation of quotas in this specific category.

— Howard Coble

I'm not out for quotas. I'm out to attract the best young men and women of our nation.

— James F. Amos

Eliminate numerical quotas, including Management by Objectives.

— W. Edwards Deming

There is a tendency in all of us to ask for better statistical performance. There is a tendency to impose quotas behind which usually lies imposition of pressure to achieve improved statistics.

— Gordon B. Hinckley

Quotas are a perfectly logical, if diabolical, extension of the regulation of private property courtesy of the Civil Rights Act, whereby in an attempt to shape American society in politically pleasing ways, people have been coerced into liking, hiring or renting against their will or better judgment.

— Ilana Mercer

We do not believe in quotas. They would not only be undesirable, they would be illegal. There is legal protection for the autonomy of universities in running their own admission arrangements.

— David Willetts

Diversity is, by definition, discrimination. It leads to things like quotas and racial profiling.

— Mary Kissel

I started thinking about the endless bullshit about quotas, and how certain types of character are fine "as long as it's important to the story," and so on, started thinking about the absence of the abject.

— Hal Duncan

A quota for women always amounts to a failure of politics. For me, economics is first and foremost the ability to act freely without state rules. That's why I believe quotas should only be used as a last resort.

— Kristina Schroder

They don't worship at the altar of forced busing and mandatory quotas. They don't believe you can remedy past discrimination by mandating new discrimination. (Defending his nominees for Civil Rights Commission)

— Ronald Reagan

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