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Quotes About Putting

We do learn and get stronger through the hard stuff, but thats because God is love, not because Gods putting us through some kind of obstacle course.
— Nancy Rue —

It might be thought that this was a poor way to accumulate a princely fortune
and so it was, a very poor way indeed. But I am on of those that never take on about princely fortunes, and I am quite content if the world is ready to board and lodge me, while I am putting up at this grim sign of the Thunder Cloud.

— Herman Melville

I'm that sensitive, honest guy who likes people, wants to know why, and who puzzles everyone by continually putting himself in harm's way.

— Poe Ballantine

I feel like a big faker because I've been putting my life back together, and nobody knows.

— Stephen Chbosky

All I'm saying, Dad, is that I accept that I don't know. But I have faith that my Lord and Savior does, so I'm putting myself in His hands. Humbling myself to a wisdom that's above and beyond me and praying for His guidance.

— Wally Lamb

For me to make a living acting silly for as long as I can get away with it, I think the most viable way to make that happen is to evolve into more traditional comedy. I've really been putting in the work.

— Steve-O

Putting on a movie is like going to war - for me, at least. It's all about time; time is money, and we don't have it. So it's all about getting to know each other intimately quickly. You are with family members that you like or don't like, but you can't leave them because you're stuck with them.

— Lee Daniels

I always have some way of putting the stories together that works for the book. I've always switched points of view in my books. I'm a Gemini.

— Louise Erdrich

I might be dumb," I told him, putting my nose against his silk tie, "but I'm not that dumb. I've gotcha now and you aren't getting away.

— Patricia Briggs

When it comes to the education of our young, this privilege should only be given to those whose visions are solely in the uplifting benefit of the child. There is no room for the ego in the education of children! Children should not be looked after, nor educated, by those who have not made a sacrifice within their hearts, laying down their own personal agenda and dreams, for the total ascension of the child. Even if you are to educate the children simply sitting under a tree; if you have the vision and the heart of a sage, those children will grow to be mighty men and women under your watch! And even if you wine and dine the children, putting them up in a palace; if you do not have the vision and the selfless heart of a sage, all you do is in utter vanity!

— C. JoyBell C.

I like the natural sound of a room. All the rooms have their own sound, so it's a matter of putting it where you like and seeing what it sounds like.

— Jeff Lynne

Once, at a seminar, I heard a Westernized lama say that a meditator's state of mind should be like that of a hotel doorman. A doorman lets the guests in, but he doesn't follow them up to their rooms. He lets them out, but he doesn't walk into the street with them to their next appointment. He greets them all, then lets them go on about their business. Meditation is, in its initial stages, simply accustoming oneself to letting thoughts come and go without grasping at their sleeves or putting up a velvet rope to keep them out.

— Marc Ian Barasch

I really just concentrated on putting out solo stuff on my website, just trying things, but this time we thought it was time to do a proper record, where you make a bit of a fanfare about it. Something that says "listen everybody, I'm here".

— William Orbit

Barack Obama spent his first day as president-elect putting together his transition team. And if you believe MSNBC, by tomorrow he will have chosen all 12 of his disciples.

— Jay Leno

If you've been cryocrastinating, putting off signing up for cryonics "until later", don't think that you've "gotten away with it so far". Many worlds, remember? There are branched versions of you that are dying of cancer, and not signed up for cryonics, and it's too late for them to get life insurance.

— Eliezer Yudkowsky

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