Quotes About Pushing Her Away

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Quotes About Pushing Her Away

I went over and over everything that had ever happened between us. I couldnt keep doing it, going back and fourth, holding her close and then pushing her away. It wasnt right
— Jenny Han —

Everything I pick up seems to lure me away. Everything I do in my daily life begins to feel like striking wet matches. The need to travel is a mysterious force. A desire to 'go' runs through me equally with an intense desire to 'stay' at home. An equal and opposite thermodynamic principle. When I travel, I think of home and what it means. At home I'm dreaming of catching trains at night in the gray light of Old Europe, or pushing open shutters to see Florence awaken. The balance just slightly tips in the direction of the airport.

— Frances Mayes

Raphael shrugged away the facad of humanity that he wore like a cloak, releasing the bonds that kept his power concealed and let if low out of him like a river of molten silver. It warmed his veins and sped the pumping of his heart, pushing his lungs to expand more fully with every breath. It was a heady rush that had his lips drawing back in a vicious smile of pure exhilaration, his fangs emerging from his gums as he became the purest form of what he was ... Vampire.

— D.B. Reynolds

Something interesting happens when we approach situations from a perspective of humility-it opens us up to possibilities as we choose open-mindedness and curiosity over protecting our point of view. We spend more time in that wonderful space of the 'beginner's mind,' willing to learn from what others have to offer. This translates into moving away from pushing to allowing, from insecure to secure, from seeking approval to seeking enlightenment.

— Bruna Martinuzzi

Any thoughts of being with Parker were long gone, and I knew it was because of my feelings for Travis. I thought about the different paths my life would take from that moment-trusting Travis with a leap of faith and risking the unknown, or pushing him away and knowing exactly where I would end up, which included a life without him-either decision terrified me.

— Jamie McGuire

Kids need to open up to their parents. And parents should realize that when kids are pushing you away, that's the time to really step in.

— Alexa Vega

I'd say that if you had a strained relationship with your mom, for whatever reason, the best thing to do is be open with each other, talk it over, try and work it out somehow as opposed to just putting a wall up and pushing them away.

— Victoria Justice

Yes, creation is moving toward us; life is moving toward us all the time. We back away, but it keeps pushing toward us. Why not step forward and greet it.

— Joan Halifax

Instead of focusing on some thoughts and feelings and pushing away others, just look at them as feathers flying in the wind. The wind is your awareness, your inborn openness and clarity.

— Tsoknyi Rinpoche

He is pushing his face in all the time and telling us about his private life. Nobody's interested. He should just go away.

— Steven Morrissey

That's why i started amplifying my voice at all, to capture the little sounds I make when I am pushing my body physically, drumming away.

— Brian Chippendale

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