Quotes About Psychological Warfare

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Quotes About Psychological Warfare

I was in psychological warfare in World War II, so I know psychological warfare when I see it.
— Stefan Heym —

She tried to get even with him through psychological warfare but couldn't, because he didn't care.

— Steve Martin

Media is an assemblage of tools with which to expand an audience's conception of what "the world" is to such and extent that their own lives and capabilities seem utterly insignificant; a means of psychological warfare by which people are overloaded with information and desensitized to their own and others' suffering; the sum of all means by which human beings reduce the infinite complexity of reality to a dead-end maze of abstractions.

— CrimethInc.

Andropov's concerns were heightened by the Reagan administration's top secret psychological warfare program, designed to spook and confuse the Kremlin. American naval exercises were staged without warning near important military bases along the Soviet coastline; SAC bombers entered Soviet airspace and then left it, testing the air defenses. The

— Eric Schlosser

Competition is what keeps me playing the psychological warfare of matching skill against skill and wit against wit.

— Lou Brock

The universalism of Islam, in its all-embracing creed, is imposed on the believers as a continuous process of warfare, psychological and political, if not strictly military ... The Jihad, accordingly, may be stated as a doctrine of a permanent state of war, not continuous fighting.

— Majid Khadduri

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