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Quotes About Price

The price of maturity is exorbitant these days. Paying for wisdom with money is one thing, but when time becomes the currency, its your life at stake.
— Anthony Marais —

The most dangerous thing is to buy something at the peak of its popularity. At that point, all favourable facts and opinions are already factored into its price and no new buyers are left to emerge

— Howard Marks

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

— Yanko Tsvetkov

If it were true that men could achieve their good by means of turning some men into sacrificial animals, and I were asked to immolate myself for the sake of creatures who wanted to survive at the price of my blood, if I were asked to serve the interests of society apart from, above and against my own - I would refuse. I would reject it as the most contemptible evil, I would fight it with every power I possess, I would fight the whole of mankind, if one minute were all I could last before I were murdered, I would fight in the full confidence of the justice of my battle and of a living being's right to exist. Let there be no misunderstanding about me. If it is now the belief of my fellow men, who call themselves the public, that their good requires victims, then I say: The public good be damned, I will have no part of it!

— Ayn Rand

I think that if people are instructed about anything, it should be about the nature of cruelty. And about why people behave so cruelly to each other. And what kind of satisfactions they derive from it. And why there is always a cost, and a price to be paid.

— Richard Russo

Life is like a restaurant; you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price.

— Moffat Machingura

Your author has found love to be the full trip, emotionally speaking; the grand tour: fall in love, visit both Heaven and Hell for the price of one.

— Tom Robbins

There are so many bad influences out there. I don't care if a kid is rich or poor, if he lives in a million-dollar house or the ghetto, he is going to find some sick things on the street. And if we don't clean it up soon, we're all going to pay the price.

— Warren Moon

When I started at Ricci, I did street wear for very cool, young girls, but the price point was for the fourth floor of Bergdorf Goodman next to Carolina Herrera. My cool girls cannot afford it.

— Olivier Theyskens

The idea of something for nothing is appealing in some visceral way.
Even free things are never free.
The burden of ownership means everything has a price.

— Holly Goldberg Sloan

Hey, Catnip, says Gale. My real name is Katniss, but when I first told him, I had barely whispered it. So he thought I'd said Catnip. Then when this crazy lynx started following me around the woods looking for handouts, it became his official nickname for me. I finally had to kill the lynx because he scared off game. I almost regretted it because he wasn't bad company. But I got a decent price for his pelt.

— Suzanne Collins

Hard work is not punishment. Hard work is the price of admission for the opportunity to reach sustained excellence

— Jay Bilas

Living in the modern age, death for virtue is the wage. So it seems in darker hours. Evil wins, kindness cowers. Ruled by violence and vice we all stand upon thin ice. Are we brave or are we mice, here upon such thin, thin ice? Dare we linger, dare we skate? Dare we laugh or celebrate, knowing we may strain the ice? Preserve the ice at any price?

— Dean Koontz

Eventually we have to "settle up" and pay the price for our ethical violations. Just remember the old line that says, "You can pay me now ... or you can pay me later." Often you can buy some time, but when you "pay later" you'll probably have to pay more.

— Price Pritchett

Redemption is promised at the low price of surrender of your critical faculties.

— Christopher Hitchens

Lessons learned are like bridges burned you only need to cross them but once. Is the knowledge gained worth the price of the pain, are the spoils worth the cost of the hunt?

— Dan Fogelberg

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