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Quotes About Only You Can Change Yourself

Only you can change yourself, no one else can.
— Thabang Gideon Magaola —

Only you can change yourself, no one else can.

— Thabang Gideon Magaola

If only you knew who you really were you would be fearless and love yourself with a grand passion! You are a unique shard of God, the Universe, the whole or whatever label you would like to call it. No one can take your place and without you endless synchronicity and evolution would not happen. You are so powerful that just by walking down the street you can change someone's life forever.

— Michele Knight

That's the problem with reality, that's the fallacy of therapy: It assumes that you will have a series of revelations, or even just one little one, and that these various truths will come to you and will change your life completely. It assumes that insight alone is a transformative force. But the truth is, it doesn't work that way. In real life, every day you might come to some new conclusion about yourself and about the reasoning behind your behavior, and you can tell yourself that this knowledge will make all the difference. But in all likelihood, you're going to keep on doing the same old things. You'll still be the same person. You'll still cling to your destructive, debilitating habits because you emotional tie to them is so strong that the stupid things you are really the only things you've got that keep you centered and connected. They are the only things about you that you you.

— Elizabeth Wurtzel

Often when you go into a relationship with someone you like, you have to justify why you like that person. You only see what you want to see and you deny there are things you don't like about that person. You lie to yourself just to make yourself right. Then you make assumptions, and one of the assumptions is "My love will change this person." But this is not true. Your love will not change anybody. If others change, it's because they want to change, not because you can change them. Then something happens between the two of you, and you get hurt. Suddenly you see what you didn't want to see before, only now it is amplified by your emotional poison. Now you have to justify your emotional pain and blame them for your choices.

— Miguel Ruiz

Ask yourself if you are in this for the long run
if it's only your weight you want to change or if you are willing to use your eating patterns as a portal to the inner universe. And if the answer is the latter, then there is no end to what you can learn, be, understand, become.

— Geneen Roth

Nature, philosophy and social issues are the three things that always occupy my mind. You do not have any power over others but can only change yourself.

— Pawan Kalyan

Teaching was great for me, because I got to show people how writing can really change the way you see not only yourself but the world.

— Sarah Dessen

You have to remember that you only want to use your dunks at the right time. If you do it at the right time, you can wake up everybody and change the whole momentum of the game. It can get the crowd up, get your teammates up. It can wake up yourself, too, if you're not shooting well.

— Dwyane Wade

You learn in life that the only person you can really correct and change is yourself.

— Katharine Hepburn

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