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Quotes About One Man

Not one man in five cycles, who is wise, will expect appreciative recognition from his fellows, or any one of them.
— Herman Melville —

She had learned from her encounter with Mike Eden that there really was more than one man in the world-the piece of knowledge that more than anything else divides women from girls.

— Herman Wouk

The government (or humanity) would not permit capital punishment for one man, but they permitted the murder of millions a little at a time.

— Yevgeny Zamyatin

With words one man can make another blessed, or drive him to despair;

— Sigmund Freud

Thousands of years and many civilizations have defined a marriage as the union between one man and one woman. With few exceptions, those civilizations that did not follow that perished.

— Randy Neugebauer

Miracles are everywhere, and as I watch my sister
forever, beautiful, forever my little sister
staring into the eyes of the one man she ever loved, I know that indeed things do return to the beginning. The world opens again, and I see a life of happiness without fear. I gaze at my family
complicated though it may be
and know that fate smiles on us.

— Lisa See

The cynic says, 'One man can't do anything.' I say, 'Only one man can do anything.'

— John W. Gardner

We must have a religion - it goes without saying - but my idea is, to have it cut up into forty free sects, so that they will police each other, as had been the case in the United States in my time. Concentration of power in a political machine is bad; and and an Established Church is only a political machine; it was invented for that; it is nursed, cradled, preserved for that; it is an enemy to human liberty, and does no good which it could not better do in a split-up and scattered condition. That wasn't law; it wasn't gospel: it was only an opinion - my opinion, and I was only a man, one man: so it wasn't worth any more than the pope's - or any less, for that matter.

— Mark Twain

I know one man who was impotent who gave AIDS to his wife and the only thing they did was kiss.

— Pat Robertson

My revolution is a one-man revolution and almost everybody is the enemy. I may not be doing a great deal of damage, but at least I'm not bullshitting.

— Charles Bukowski

Do you guys ever think about how Hitler has affected the whole world? That just one man did all this? I mean, what if he had been a good man, instead?

— Elizabeth Berg

The allure of immodesty is not in what is seen but what is not seen. Modesty issues a challenge for one man to romantically earn your virtue.

— Dannah Gresh

With his blessings from above, serve it generously with love. One man, one wife, one love, through life.

— Dean Martin

The new and most powerful union of all will be a union of one one man, one woman, one worker with special skills, an inquiring mind, and an independent attitude, his creativity intact, his love of life blooming. The union of one will be peopled by one man or one woman who is alive . Such a person is always sought by the intelligent manager.

— Gerry Spence

The old idea of a good bargain was a transaction in which one man got the better of another. The new idea of a good contract is a transaction which is good for both parties to it.

— Louis D. Brandeis

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