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Quotes About Old And Young

I enjoy seeing other Indian musicians - old and young - coming to Europe and America and having some success. Im happy to have contributed to that.
— Ravi Shankar —

For Desire, who is male and female, fair and dark, old and young, anything and everything you have ever wished for, or coveted, or needed, is irresistible. And so what would be the point, after all? Love is not a game to Desire, as it is to so many mortals, or if it is, it is a game with a foregone conclusion: Desire always wins. And Desire hates more than anything to be bored.

— Lisa Goldstein

I pledge to set out to live a thousand lives between printed pages.
I pledge to use books as doors to other minds, old and young, girl and boy, man and animal.
I pledge to use books to open windows to a thousand different worlds and to the thousand different faces of my own world.
I pledge to use books to make my universe spread much wider than the world I live in every day.
I pledge to treat my books like friends, visiting them all from time to time and keeping them close.

— Cornelia Funke

This, really, is the bottom line, the chief attraction of the opposite sex for all of us, old and young, men and women: we need someone to save us from the sympathetic smiles in the Sunday-night cinema queue, someone who can stop us from falling down into the pit where the permanently single live with their mums and dads. I'm not going back there again; I'd rather stay in for the rest of my life than attract that kind of attention.

— Nick Hornby

My first generation of young readers now have not only children, but some of them have grandchildren to whom they're introducing their old passion.

— Diane Duane

Ah! well a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young!
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I don't know what to say to this Clare who is old and young and different from other girls, who knows that different might be hard.

— Audrey Niffenegger

This war differs from other wars, in this particular. We are not fighting armies but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war.

— William Tecumseh Sherman

Animals of all classes, old and young, shrink with instinctive fear from any strange object approaching them.

— William Henry Hudson

Old and young, we are all on our last cruise.

— Robert Louis Stevenson

Since I was a schoolboy, I've been used to being recognized on the road by old and young, and being bantered with and, indeed, being taunted.

— Seamus Heaney

But there were other, vaguer, harder-to-pin-down feelings, like: a pit in the stomach that means something is either really good or really bad or both. A feeling of being old and young at once. A sense of beginnings and endings happening at the same time. A certainty that your life is changing, but an uncertainty about how it's changing and whether you want it to.

— Pseudonymous Bosch

Man ever talks, and Man ever dreams Of better days that are yet to be, After glittering goal, that distant gleams, Running and racing untiringly. The worldly may grow old and young as it will, But the Hope of man is Improvement still. Hope bears him into life in her arms, She flutters around the boy's young bloom, The soul of youth with her magic warms, Nor rests with age in the silent tomb; For ends man his weary course at the grave, There plants he Hope o'er his ashes to wave.

— Friedrich Schiller

Wherever there are beginners and experts, old and young, there is some kind of learning going on, some kind of teaching. We are all pupils and we are all teachers.

— Gilbert Highet

Human life, old and young, takes place between hope and remembrance. The young man sees all the gates to his desires open, and the old man remembers
his hopes.

— Franz Grillparzer

Men and women, old and young, married and single, were ranked with horses, sheep, and swine

— Frederick Douglass

I tell you old and young are better than tired middle-aged, nothing is so dead dead-tired, dead every way as middle-aged.

— Gertrude Stein

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