Quotes About Number 7

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Quotes About Number 7

I put the number 7 on my t-shirt because this is the number of my championships but also because it was the number of Barry Sheene, who was a great hero of mine and a truly great racer,
— Valentino Garavani —

My point was that removing Saddam should not have been our highest priority. Fighting terrorism should have been our number one concern, followed by the Palestinian peace process.

— Brent Scowcroft

When I go and speak now at all sorts of conferences, later in the night there's always a better Maxie Walker than me. Billy Birmingham's legendary for basically being able to verbally kneecap any of a number of Australia's characters, particularly in the commentary box.

— Max Walker

Seven, Richie thought. That's the magic number. There has to be seven of us. That's the way it's supposed to be.

— Stephen King

I worked in television; I'm the Failed Pilot Queen, I've done so many television shows, pilots, theater ... when you do it for so long, I'm telling you, you get to the point where it becomes varied because you take what's available for a number of reasons. It's just an occupational hazard.

— Viola Davis

Happiness is a good business these days, more you talk crap about happiness the large number of crowd you will gather.

— Santosh Kalwar

The greatest intensification of the horrors of war is a direct result of the democratisation of the State. So long as the army was a professional unit, the specialist function of a limited number of men, war remained a relatively harmless contest for power. But once it became everyman's duty to defend his home (or his political "rights") warfare was free to range wherever that home might be, and to attack every form of life and property associated with that home.

— Herbert Read

The concept of number is the obvious distinction between the beast and man.

— Joseph De Maistre

We still have time to negotiate, we still have time for diplomacy, because there are still a number of issues that have not been clarified, that created a lack of confidence.

— Mohamed ElBaradei

Law Number XXIV: The only thing more costly than stretching the schedule of an established project is accelerating it, which is itself the most costly action known to man.

— Norman Ralph Augustine

People don't trust conglomerates; they trust individuals. Network marketing brings trust and the quality of the relationship to the center of the business. And it enables you to expand indefinitely, simply by expanding the number of relationships.

— Brian Tracy

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