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Quotes About Not Letting A Girl Go

"Watching my back? Like you watched Chloes with those gangbangers?" "That was a mistake. I was running and I thought she was right behind me." "Did you check?" "What?" "Did you check?" he repeated. "One glance over your shoulder to make sure she was still there?" I didnt answer. He shook his head. "Im not accusing you of letting that girl grab Chloe so you could get away. Im not accusing you of seeing her in trouble and deciding to do nothing about it. I know you didnt look back. You never thought of it." "I was scared, okay? You want me to admit that? Fine." "Chloe would have looked back for you." I rolled my eyes. "Of course she would. Because Chloe is good and perfect." "No, because she thinks of others. I would have looked back, too, if you were behind me. Even Derek would have. Why? Because were a team now. We need to have each others backs. No matter what.
— Kelley Armstrong —

Crying was an acceptable outlet, even if it made you feel raw and empty inside, it was still better than that build up of resentment that grew from not letting your emotions out.
- My Bestfriend's Girl -

— Dorothy Koomson

1.Your grandmother/grandfather/Aunt-Suzie-whom-you-never-met-but-trust-me-she-was-nice-and-it's-a-shame is dead.
2.You're letting a girl named Katherine distract you from your studies.
3.Babies are made through an act that you will eventually find intriguing but for right now will just sort of horrify you, and also sometimes people do stuff that invovles baby-making parts that does not actually invovle making babies, like for instance kiss each other in places that are not on the face.
It never meant:
4.A girl named Katherine called while you were in the bathtub. She's sorry. She still loves you and has made a terrible mistake and is waiting for you downstairs.

— John Green

A rap at the back door made her jump, and she peered through the window for a long time before she eased open the door a crack. She left the security chain on. 'What do you want, Richard?'
Richard Morrell's police cruiser was parked in the drive. He hadn't flashed any lights or howled any sirens, so she supposed it wasn't an emergency, exactly. But she knew him well enough to know he didn't pay social visits, at least not to the Glass House.
'Good question,' Richard said. 'I guess I want a nice girl who can cook, likes action movies, and looks good in short skirts. But I'll settle for you taking the chain off the door and letting me in.

— Rachel Caine

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