Quotes About Not Being Okay

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Quotes About Not Being Okay

And Barron is probably right—we should give this up. Not for the reason hes saying but for the one thats implied. The one about it not being okay to lurk around outside buildings, spying on girls you like.
— Holly Black —

I'm tired of pretending, tired of acting like everything's okay, tired of not being with him ...

— Terra Elan McVoy

Sometimes I think we all feel guilty for being happy, and as soon as we catch ourselves acting like everything is okay, someone remembers it's not.

— Sarah Ockler

People persuade themselves they deserve easy lives, that being human makes us somehow exempt from pain. The theory works fine until we face the inevitable challenges. Our conditioning of denial in no way equips us to deal with the difficult times that not one of us escapes.
Cleo's motto seemed to be: Life's tough and that's okay, because life is also fantastic. Love it, live it - but don't be fooled into thinking it's not harsh sometimes. Those who've survived periods of bleakness are often better at savoring good times and wise enough to understand that good times are actually great.

— Helen Brown

I get what you're saying, but my hanging with the ladies is mostly for publicity when I'm on tour. I don't sleep with that many girls. Well, not all of them. Okay, I'm trying to behave myself. It's not easy being famous!

— Michelle Sutton

In one afternoon, my entire life shattered and then all of a sudden this great guy comes along like some
mythical knight in shining armor. He's gorgeous, loaded, and says all the right things to me. He makes me
feel like I can fly, and every time he shows up, he makes everything better. I'm not used to this, okay?
And I'm not used to being with a guy who is so incredibly sexy that he makes me feel like the booby
prize. - Bride

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

To me, one of the things I love about being an actor is that it's never done; it's never perfect, and so it's the process. It's like practicing being okay with things not being perfect and things being outside of your control.

— Kerry Bishe

Look, sometimes it's OK with girls like this, they wanna have fun, and sometimes it's not because they've got a broken wing and they're hurt and they're an easy target. In this case, this particular case, I think that wing is being fixed, my friend, and you gotta make sure that it's mended and you're getting in the way of that right now, okay, because she's sensitive and she's smart, she's artistic. This is a great girl, you gotta be respectful to that. Come on, let me walk you to your car, you're a better guy than this.

— Matthew Quick

You're going to be okay," I said, but my voice was wavering and I was shaking. "It's probably not even that bad, and you're just being a big drama queen as usual.

— Rachel Hawkins

I tell everybody, I'm tired of being jerked around. Okay? So let's just not pretend. I don't have fuck for a heart. You people are not going to make me feel anything. You are not going to get to me.

— Chuck Palahniuk

It was the first time in months that somebody was explaining what was happening to me and assuring me that it was okay.
It was the first time in months that somebody was talking to me like I mattered.
It was the first time in months that I was being assured that I need not feel guilty for something that was out of my control.

— Preeti Shenoy

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