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Quotes About My Dress Up

To wash and dress a corpse is a far different thing from making it alive: Man can do the one—God alone can do the other. If
— Charles Haddon Spurgeon —

Dress how you want to be addressed.

— Bianca Frazier

Believe it or not, some of us have piercings and tattoos and dye our hair because we think it looks pretty, not for any deep sociological reason. This isn't an act of protest against cultural or social repression. It's not a grand, deliberately defiant gesture against capitalists or feminists or any other social group. It's not even the fashion equivalent to sticking two fingers up at the world. The boring truth of it, Gabriel, is that I don't dress like this to hurt my parents or draw attention to myself or make a statement. I just do it because I think it looks nice. Disappointed?

— Alex Bell

Sarah shifted on the bench. I worried she was winding up to say something, that Sky would start humming now, that the fright spring-coiled inside me would break loose. Then I remembered the widow dress I was wearing. I made a sound with my lips like I was trying to give him an answer, but choking on the words, seized by my grief, and I didn't have to pretend that much. I felt sorrow for my life, for what I'd lived and seen and known, for what was lost to me, and the weeping turned real.

— Sue Monk Kidd

One favourite find of mine has to be a 1980s black dinner jacket that I wear as a dress.

— Lily Donaldson

To arrive at sex, you first have to undo the zip of the girl's dress. And between zip and sex lay a process in which twenty- maybe thirty- subtle decisions and judgements had to be made

— Haruki Murakami

Of course, there are many rich men in the empire, but their money is buried, and they dress in rags and counterfeit poverty.

— Mark Twain

It's good to stay as close to real life as you can, and then kind of dress it up.

— Nelson DeMille

I don't think I dress eccentrically. I'm just not conservative, I guess - I dress according to what like. And I'm not a mannequin, as you can tell.

— Helena Bonham Carter

They can fatten me up. They can give me a full body polish, dress me up, and make me beautiful again. They can design dream weapons that come to life in my hands, but they will never again brainwash me into the necessity of using them. I no longer feel allegiance to these monsters called human beings, despite being one myself.

— Suzanne Collins

I was always really shy. That's why being in front of cameras like this is uncomfortable. I found that when I was a kid, I would hide behind playing pretend. That's when I would come out of my shell. I would dress up as an old man or something and go out onto the street with my mom. I would come out of my shell that way. So I ended up stumbling into acting. It was the one thing that I found a passion for.

— Austin Butler

Style is how you see the world and how the world sees you. It isn't today and it isn't tomorrow; it isn't a dress or a car or a shoe or a comment-it's the cut of your sail as you cross this crazy, uncharted sea. Far ahead, legions of boats have already made the crossing-some grander, some more sleek-and still newer boats are always coming up behind you. Style is the manner in which you navigate your one remarkable voyage.

— Carol Edgarian

We should make politicians dress like race car drivers
when they get money, make them wear the company logos on their suit.

— Jay Leno

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