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Quotes About Music In Movies

Music in movies is all about dissonance and consonance, tension and release.
— Quincy Jones —

'Grease' was how I learned that I really liked music and musicals and movies that included music.

— Jason Moore

I come from a time when pop music was the coin of the cultural realm and in a certain way was the only coin of the realm; movies didn't matter as much, and not TV - it was all about pop music. In the era when I started - which was the early '60s - it was all about singles leading to albums.

— Fred Seibert

My love for American music and American movies is from an early age. I was 10 or 11 when I heard Fats Domino and Little Richard and Buddy Holly. And the movies, my dad used to take my brother and I to the movies every Friday. It was incredible: we got to see just about every movie that came out for a period of years.

— Ian McLagan

Music in movies is all about dissonance and consonance, tension and release.

— Quincy Jones

I'd love to act more. I've had to turn down multiple movies because I was on tour, but it's encouraging to know that someday there might be the right role, the right timing. And I've been writing a lot of music, so hopefully very soon I'll have recorded a project of my own. I also want to get a boat and open a restaurant.

— Joe Jonas

It's really hard for actors to cross over and get any respect as a singer, and if I could just keep it separate and not use my music in movies, it's cool.

— Taryn Manning

It's not like since I make comics I only read comics and since I make movies I will only go out and watch movies. Any kind of artistic expression interests me; it goes from literature to music to sculpture, painting; whatever is extremely inspiring for me becomes a reference also for me.

— Marjane Satrapi

Other 'Christian' girls may watch the same movies, listen to the same music, wear the same clothes, and have all the same pop culture addictions as the rest of the world with just slightly higher morals tacked on. But God has called us to a higher standard-the very standard of Jesus Christ. And I believe it's time we become worthy of the calling we have received.

— Leslie Ludy

I've never been a big fan of the music-video style of editing movies that crept in the last few decades. I like stuff that's able to take its time.

— Frank Darabont

My life is about politics, a lot of about music, and a lot about things other than acting. I like traveling the world. But, what makes me want to stay in this business and keep doing this are movies when it's a true labor of love.

— Olivia Wilde

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