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Quotes About Mtv

Today, MTV doesnt play videos anymore, but YouTube certainly has become the next MTV.
— Christopher Bollen —

If you are bored and disgusted by politics and don't bother to vote, you are in effect voting for the entrenched Establishments of the two major parties, who please rest assured are not dumb, and who are keenly aware that it is in their interests to keep you disgusted and bored and cynical and to give you every possible reason to stay at home doing one-hitters and watching MTV on primary day. By all means stay home if you want, but don't bullshit yourself that you're not voting. In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard's vote.

— David Foster Wallace

Your muse ain't singin' on your MTV? Can't even see him on your HD TV?

— David Mutti Clark

I've tried to get the angel to watch MTV so I can learn the vocabulary of your music, but even with the gift of tongues, I'm having trouble learning to speak hip-hop. Why is it that one can busta rhyme or busta move anywhere but you must busta cap in someone's ass? Is "ho" always feminine, and "muthafucka" always masculine, while "bitch" can be either? How many peeps in a posse, how much booty before baby got back, do you have to be all that to get all up in that, and do I need to be dope and phat to be da bomb or can I just be "stupid"? I'll not be singing over any dead mothers until I understand.

— Christopher Moore

I just got on Twitter because there was some MTV film blog that quoted me on something really innocuous that I supposedly said on Twitter before I was even on Twitter. So then I had to get on Twitter to say: 'This is me. I'm on Twitter. If there's somebody else saying that they're me on Twitter, they're not.'

— Anna Kendrick

I had no idea what to expect when we did Ladies' Night. I didn't think it was going to get nominated for a Grammy. I didn't know that we would have to perform on the MTV Awards show.

— Angie Martinez

I barely ever watch TV, but when I do, I usually only watch MTV shows, like 'The Real World Sydney.'

— Ryan Sheckler

If you're a sports star and you say 'faggot' on the courts, you get fined. But if you're in music and you say it 234 times, you get an MTV music award.

— Tegan Quin

You know, I'm part of that first MTV generation.

— Alexandra Patsavas

I go to the movies, and I watch MTV and the Disney Channel. I admit I like 'Hannah Montana.'

— Lexi Thompson

I've been to MTV and all of that worldly stuff. It's death. It's meaningless.

— Stephen Baldwin

What's amazing is that the Web enables you to build a kind of channel that wouldn't have made sense for cable, in the same way cable enabled you to build content that wouldn't have made sense for broadcast. You couldn't have done CNN with the broadcast networks; you couldn't have done MTV with the broadcast networks.

— Salar Kamangar

Any reality-TV show on MTV is gonna be fake and stupid.

— Ty Segall

When people see you have a song on MTV, they think you are doing well - but you know, the way the traditional label deal was set up, it is really hard for an artist, unless they sold a lot, to see anything.

— Jill Sobule

I think that for the five-year-old watching MTV right now, Lady Gaga is going to be an iconic person. In 20 years, the people who are here and talking to journalists will be like, 'Oh Lady Gaga changed my life, Nicki Minaj changed my life.' They'll be saying who influenced them and it will be Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, artists like that.

— Beth Ditto

I have seen more bad songs make it because of MTV than good ones that haven't.

— Joe Perry

The people who really resurrected 'Blade Runner' was 'MTV.'

— Ridley Scott

Every artist obviously wants to sell a million records and do the MTV cribs thing, but I'm realistic.

— JD Era

The videos are sometimes the only way for people across the country and different places to see and hear the music. They may not get the same radio stations or they don't get the same TV channels, they don't have the same MTV that plays the same music. People will use to the Internet and that's why YouTube and stuff like that is so important.

— Kid Ink

People got extremely comfortable with being able to turn on their television and see MTV say, "This guy's hot you should buy this record."

— David Bowie

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