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Quotes About Money Is Power

If we are looking for one single action which will enable the poor to overcome their poverty, I would go for credit. Money is power. I have been arguing that credit should be accepted as a human right. If we can come up with a system which allows everybody access to credit while ensuring excellent repayment - I can give you a guarantee that poverty will not last long.
— Muhammad Yunus —

Today the game is rigged-rigged to work for those who have money and power. Big corporations hire armies of lobbyists to get billion-dollar loopholes into the tax system and persuade their friends in Congress to support laws that keep the playing field tilted in their favor. Meanwhile, hardworking families are told that they'll just have to live with smaller dreams for their children.

— Elizabeth Warren

Funny how a single word can change everything in your life."
"It is not funny at all. Steel is power. Money is power. But of all the things in all the worlds, words are power.

— Pierce Brown

Another great example of the power of vulnerability
this time in a corporation
is the leadership approach taken by Lululemon's CEO, Christine Day. In a video interview with CNN Money, Day explained that she was once a very bright, smart executive who "majored in being right." Her transformation came when she realized that getting people to engage and take ownership wasn't about "the teling" but about letting them come into the idea in a purpose-led way, and that her job was creating the space for others to perform. She chracterized this change as the shift from "having the best idea or problem solving" to "being the best leader of people.

— Brené Brown

Other inflationists realize very well that an increase in the quantity of money reduces the purchasing power of the monetary unit. But they endeavour to secure inflation none-the-less, because of its effect on the value of money; they want depreciation, because they want to favour debtors at the expense of creditors and because they want to encourage exportation and make importation difficult.

— Ludwig Von Mises

Money is power, and in that government which pays all the public officers of the states will all political power be substantially concentrated.

— Andrew Jackson

It's wherever business rules, business is going to get the politicians they want because they control the money and money controls the power.

— Rob Walton

No, money is power.

— Brian Schweitzer

Some men worship rank, some worship heroes, some worship power, some worship God, & over these ideals they dispute & cannot unite
but they all worship money.

— Mark Twain

The one thing women love more than money is power.

— D. L. Hughley

In our political system, money is power. And that means a few can have a lot more power than the rest. That's bad news for everyone else - and for our democracy itself.

— Al Franken

What we have most to fear, I believe, are those within our own borders who think less of country than of themselves, who are ambitious for money, for power, for land. Some of these men would subvert anything, anything at all, my dear sir, for their own profit. They would even twist the laws of their own country in their desire to acquire wealth or power.

— Louis L’Amour

Money is power. Every good man and woman ought to strive for power, to do good with it when obtained. I say, get rich, get rich!

— Russell Conwell

Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of blessings.

— Carl Sandburg

Money is power in American politics. It always has been.

— William Greider

If increased government spending with borrowed or newly created money is a 'stimulus,' then the Weimar Republic should have been stimulated to unprecedented prosperity, instead of runaway inflation and widespread economic desperation that ultimately brought Adolf Hitler to power.

— Thomas Sowell

Money often costs too much, and power and pleasure are not cheap.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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