Quotes About Molestation

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Quotes About Molestation

Ive told Michael Jackson jokes. If you got really technical, you could say those are jokes about child molestation. You could, if you got technical. A lot of this is just selective outrage because honestly, the audience are the ones that tell us that something shouldnt be spoken. The audience lets us know. And Ive never, in my almost 30 years of being a comedian, seen a comedian continue to tell a joke that the audience doesnt respond to. Ive never seen it.
— Chris Rock —

I should meet many people who do not know anyone personally who has been raped or molested as a child. But I can't remember seeing a newspaper without a rape or molestation charge in it somewhere, and when I ask groups how many people know someone personally with a history of molestation, almost always, every hand in the room goes up.

— Anna C. Salter

I think men think about their penises as much as women think about molestation.

— Christy Leigh Stewart

I did this Super-8 film at art school called 'Tissues,' this black comedy about a family whose father has been arrested for child molestation. I was absolutely thrilled by every inch of it, and would throw my projector in the back of my car and show it to anybody who would watch it.

— Jane Campion

The Rich man was let alone in his sin suffered to go on without molestation. He fared sumptuously every day, slept secure and expected no disturbance. And the first of his awaking out of his security was when he lifted up his eyes that were now opened being in torments.

— Jonathan Edwards

Why would I, in a million years, want to do anything even remotely having to do with child molestation on a children's show? See, I take having a kids' show real seriously. I think it's an enormous responsibility.

— Paul Reubens

Many Americans have lost confidence in the way our criminal courts assess guilt and innocence. Whatever one thinks of the verdicts, the recent trials of O.J. Simpson, Erik and Lyle Menendez, and various defendants in preschool molestation cases have been lengthy, lawyer-dominated soap operas in which the search for truth has been subordinated to the manipulation of procedures.

— James Q. Wilson

Child molestation is a touchy subject ... Read the papers! Half the country's doing it!

— Woody Allen

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