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Quotes About Missing Something

Why does everyone think a guy who prefers love to people is missing something in his life?
— Slash Coleman —

Behind your reaction is a feeling that whatever is 'true' must be able to be expressed logically. Men, in particular, have a tendency to confuse correct logic with an accurate assessment of a situation. Be careful of any situation that you have to reason through logically, because if you have to work to reason it out, you're probably missing something.

— L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Hold the freaking phone! I am clearly missing something here, Lori said, still holding a confused expression.

— Lindsay Chamberlin

Let me get this straight. First you decide I'm a demon because of a power I didn't ask for and don't even understand. Then when that falls through you label me a fallen sybil and a ho. Am I missing something or do you just not like me

— Karen Chance

I can't really tell objectively how sorry I should feel for myself. I don't give the same credibility to my being that other people give to theirs. Everything feels acted."
"Everything is acted."
"Whatever. With me there's some glue missing, something fundamental to everyone else that I don't have. My life never seems real to me.

— Philip Roth

There's nothing I miss about anything in the whole wide world. The idea of missing something means you're not living in the moment. Every moment is good for something.

— Ricky Williams

I'm certainly not sorry that there were some things I missed. You may think you're missing something at that time but later when you look at it, you didn't miss anything.

— Ivan Lendl

You know how it is. You feel a little different because other people have two parents, even if they're divorced. It's like you grow up knowing that you're missing something important that everyone else has, but you don't know exactly what it is. I remember hearing my friends talking about how their fathers wouldn't let them stay out late or didn't like their boyfriends. It used to make me so angry because they didn't even realize what they had. Do you know what I mean?

— Nicholas. Sparks

You need to find true love, Doc.
Actually, he thought, I'll settle for finding my way through this. His fingers, with a mind of their own, began to creep toward the plastic hedge. Maybe if he searched through it long enough, late enough into the night, he'd find something that might help
some tiny forgotten scrap of his life he didn't even know was missing, something that would make all the difference now.

— Thomas Pynchon

It wasn't merely fatigue. although it continued to worry me how tired i was all the time. I had a strange sense of missing something, of being in the wrong place - no matter where I was.

— Josh Lanyon

If the thought of leaving a relationship makes you want to hang your head in shame, why ever would you want to walk out the door? You are obviously missing something.

— Jennifer Megan Varnadore

Why, after all, must everyone like music? That they are missing something is just the lover's opinion.

— Ned Rorem

While wrestling in college as a junior it came to a point where wrestling just wasn't enough for me anymore. I love wrestling, but I felt like I was missing something, and so the striking part about MMA, the boxing and kickboxing, was what got me really interested in MMA. I saw it on TV and I just knew that I wanted to do it.

— Cain Velasquez

Either I've been missing something or nothing has been going on.

— Karen Elizabeth Gordon

[The highs and lows of show business is] a rollercoaster for sure. There's so many highs, there's just moments of your life where you go, "Wow I can't believe how insanely lucky I am," and then you can turn around and the next moment feel so completely caught up in your own wanting, and desiring, and needing and feel like somehow you're missing something. It's just higher the high, the lower the low.

— Jim Carrey

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