Quotes About Male Privilege

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Quotes About Male Privilege

Male privilege and entitlement are dying a very painful death; no one gives up power without a struggle.
— Gloria Allred —

The GEnder Defender is someone who actively, or by knowing inaction, defends the status quo of the existing gender system, and thus perpetuates the violence of male privilege and all its social extensions. The gender defender, or gender terrorist, is someone for whom gender forms a cornerstone of their view of the world. Shake gender up for one of these folks, and you're in trouble.

— Kate Bornstein

Gideon cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, our flavors mingling. "Thank you."
"What are you thanking me for? You did all the work."
"There's no work involved in fucking you, angel." His slow smile was pure satiated male. "I'm grateful for the privilege."
I sank back onto my heels. "You're killing me. You can't be that gorgeous and sexy and say stuff like that. It's overload. It fries my brain. Sends me into a meltdown."
His smile widened and he kissed me again. "I know the feeling.

— Sylvia Day

There's no work involved in fucking you, angel." His slow smile was pure satiated male. "I'm grateful for the privilege.

— Sylvia Day

History has been male and the future is female. Leaning on women as a body and the female archetype, and not just women but men - we're asking men to dig deep and deconstruct their seat of privilege. Because this is an emergency. We're in threat of losing our homes, the future of our future generations, and the biological paradise that we're apart of. It's in the interest of all people that we lean on the feminine archetype in our movement forward.

— Antony Hegarty

As a white male in America, I have privilege. As a white male who happens to be an artist with a fan base, I have a platform to spread awareness about that privilege. However, songs about race and privilege are very difficult to A) write and B) dissect as a listener. They're heavy.

— Macklemore

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